Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure. Kärcher machines impress with the highest level of usage comfort and the most up-to-date technology.
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The Kärcher Tact² systems are ever popular as specialist systems and as all-rounders thanks to their high level of mobility and excellent performance, their solid construction and their wide range of practical design features.

Models with a tilting chassis are particularly efficient in industrial settings, where the removal of liquids, dirt and debris is called for.

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Karcher's new medium and super class hot water high-pressure cleaners not only do a first-class job of cleaning.

They are also extremely rugged and simple to operate. The new ECO mode, unique to Kärcher, makes them truly unbeatable. When the machine is set to this mode it operates automatically in the most economical temperature range. This not only saves running costs, it is also good for the environment.


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