12.5% available chlorine bleach for white items. AQIS Approval. KOSHER Approval. Available in 5L and 20L.

Jasol Lemon Bleach  - Perfumed Liquid Chlorine 4% Available Chlorine that helps remove stains, whitens, disinfects and deodorises.

NZFSA Approved. Available in 5L and 20L.


Jasol Sodium Hypochlorite  is an oxidising agent used as a source of chlorine for removal of proteins. Ideal in high protein membrane plants.

It is used in conjunction with other Alkaline membrane cleaning products, exceptional agent for removing proteins. Also for use in commercial laundries as a 12.5% available chlorine bleach for white items. Available in 15L.

Jasol Bleach Low Temp Oxygen Safety Bleach is a Sodium Percarbonate based bleach used for stain removal and general whitening of silks, rayons & colours. It has low temperature oxygen bleach for coloured items.

Available in 5kg and 20kg.

Jasol En-Clor Chlorine Based Sanitiser is a highly concentrated chlorinated bleach powder containing 16.9% available chlorine. It removes stubborn stains, highly concentrated formula, readily soluble in the wash wheel, highly germicidal, suitable for most non-coloured fabrics.

In laundries, it exhibits excellent bleaching and stain removal properties together with good product stability with little chlorine loss.  It is used to disinfect process water in post-harvest produce treatment. Available 1in 200kg.

Jasol Hydrogen Peroxide 50% is a bleaching agent for removing Stains without damaging the fabric or colours.

50% available oxygen bleach for white and coloured items. It provides excellent whiteness and stain removal. Used successfully on any washable material. NZFSA Approved. Available in 25kg.

Jasol Oxybleach Concentrate Liquid Oxygen bleach for liquid laundry feed systems.  It is effective for both white and coloured maintenance and stains removal.

A ​dose ​rate ​of ​28ml ​per ​35kg ​of ​dry ​weight ​wash.​ ​Best ​results ​are ​achieved ​by ​adding ​OXYBLEACH ​CONCENTRATE ​into ​the ​machine ​prior ​to ​the ​stage ​of ​highest ​temperature ​and ​alkalinity.

Titan Premium Bleach is great for removing stains and cleaning bathrooms, rubbish bins and drains. It kills 99.99% of germs.