Jasol Commercial Bleach 12.5%

12.5% available chlorine bleach for white items. AQIS Approval. KOSHER Approval. Available in 5L and 20L.


Jasol Lemon Bleach - 4% Liquid Chlorine Bleach

Jasol Lemon Bleach  - Perfumed Liquid Chlorine 4% Available Chlorine that helps remove stains, whitens, disinfects and deodorises.

Jasol Sodium Hypochlorite 15L

Jasol Sodium Hypochlorite  is an oxidising agent used as a source of chlorine for removal of proteins. Ideal in high protein membrane plants.

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Jasol Bleach Low Temp Oxygen Safety Bleach

Jasol Bleach Low Temp Oxygen Safety Bleach is a Sodium Percarbonate based bleach used for stain removal and general whitening of silks, rayons & colours. It has low temperature oxygen bleach for coloured items.
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Jasol Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Bleaching Agent

Jasol Hydrogen Peroxide 50% is a bleaching agent for removing Stains without damaging the fabric or colours.

Jasol Oxybleach Concentrate Liquid Oxygen Bleach 5L

Jasol Oxybleach Concentrate Liquid Oxygen bleach for liquid laundry feed systems.  It is effective for both white and coloured maintenance and stains removal.
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