Creme Cleansers

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Jasol Titan Cream Cleaner Lemon Fresh is a non-scratch thick cream cleaner that can be used to give a deep cleaner on most hard surfaces such as stainless steel, enamel, ceramic tiles and chrome.

It cuts through grease and dirt, making cleaning tough jobs easier, while leaving the surface sparkling shine.
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Jasol Gleem All Purpose Mild Abrasive Disinfecting Cream Cleanser. Heavy duty cleanser, non-caustic, mild but abrasive, fresh lemon fragrance

It contains no chlorine, polishes and brightens metal surfaces. NZFSA Approved.
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Jasol EC25 All Purpose Cream Cleanser is environmentally responsible, biodegradable, highly effective cream cleanser ideal for general cleaning in kitchens, bathrooms & house keeping areas. Designed to be used on most surfaces leaving them spotlessly clean and lemony fresh.

It is mildly gritty texture, long-lasting lemon perfume. It is made from renewable plant resources rather than oil based ingredients. Available in 5L.