Hard Surface Cleaners

Jasol Hospital GP Surface Cleaner - General Purpose Cleaner

HOSPITAL GP SURFACE CLEANER is a foaming, phosphate-free, perfumed neutral cleaner designed for general purpose cleaning of floors, walls and other hard surfaces. It is based on heavy duty surfactants which produce rich foam upon application and help easily remove soils.
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Jasol Acetic Acid 95% FG Hard Surface Cleaner 15L

Highly concentrated food-grade organic acid mainly used as a coagulation agent in the cheese making process.

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Jasol C & C Ammoniated Cleaner

Jasol C&C Cleaner, original all purpose Ammoniated Cleaner. Biodegradable, suitable for all hard surfaces, super concentrated, pleasant pine fragrance.


Jasol Grease Lightning Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner 5L

Jasol Grease Lightning is a multipurpose Industrial Cleaner. KOSHER Approval. HALAL Approval.

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Jasol Multikleen Multipurpose Cleaner

Jasol Multikleen is a multipurpose Cleaner for Normal Grease and Oil. Non-caustic, spray on/wipe off application, safe to use on most surfaces, effective in hard water.

Jasol SC8 - Hard Surface Cleaner 2L

Jasol SC8 Hard Surface Cleaner has a pleasant floral perfume specifically formulated to emulsify fats, grease and oils spontaneously. This heavy duty cleaner and reodorant can be used for all heavy duty cleaning tasks where the surface is not affected by alkalinity e.g kitchen walls, floors, extraction hoods, processing equipment.

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