Toilets and Bathrooms Cleaners


Jasol Bath and Shower High Quality Hand and Body Soap

Jasol Bath and Shower High Quality Hand and Body Soap is ideal for use in toilets, shower and ablution areas as an all over hair and body wash. It is contains emollients, gentle to skin, leaving your skin a pleasant fragrance. 

Jasol Titan Toilet Cleaner - Fresh Pine Fragrance 750ml

With a lot of dirty stuff in the toilet, cleaning it is not a pleasant task  but with Jasol Titan Toilet Cleaner, it makes scrubbing a toilet much easier to accomplish. It's easy to use and can do a great job at maintaning the cleanliness of your toilet bowl.


Jasol Safeguard Toilet Cleaner

Jasol Safeguard Toilet Cleaner removes scale and uric encrustation, positive bacteriostatic properties, cleans and deodorises, removes soap scum in shower recess, pleasant floral fragrance.


Jasol Shower Kleen Bathroom Cleaner | Disinfectant

Jasol Shower Kleen is a bathroom Cleaner / Disinfectant, 3% available Chlorine which deodorises, disinfects, kills and removes stubborn mould & mildew, removes soap residue, pleasant fragrance.


Jasol BC11 - Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Jasol BC11 Economical Toilet Bowl Cleaner is colour coded, non hazardous, pleasant fragrance, economical bulk concentrate. It is an economical sulphamic acid based urinal and toilet bowl cleaner for the removal of soil, scale, rust and uric acid.

Jasol Portatrine Waste Treatment

Jasol Portatrine is a concentrated Biocide & Deodorant for Holding Tanks and Chemical/Portable toilets.


Jasol Jumbo Urinal Parablocks

Concentrated Solid Deodorant for Use in Toilets. It has a strong pleasant fragrance, long lasting, reacts with odour causing compounds, insecticidal action.


Jasol Klenzall Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Economical Phosphoric Acid Based Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Available in 5L and 20L.

Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinence Spray 5L

Jasol Clini-fresh Incontinent Spray is a powerful reodorant, long lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable nursing homes, toilets and anywhere unpleasant odours are encountered.


Jasol Toilet Care Thick Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner

Jasol Toilet Care Thick is a concentrated, acidic cleaner removes build up in both toilet bowls and urinals. Available in 5L, 10L and 20L.

Jasol Bio Tabs Urinal Deodorant Block

Jasol Bio Tabs Urinal Deodorant Block prevents scales build up, kills bad smells, goes to the source of odour and eliminates it. Great for use on urinals to reduce water use, safe to handle and long lasting. 

Jasol Drought Breaker Deodoriser 750ml

Jasol Drought Breaker Deodoriser is a biological odour controller and deep cleaner. Available in 750ml, and 5L.

Jasol EC11 Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Environmental Choice

Jasol EC11 Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an environmentally responsible, non-hazardous,biodegradable and convenient dual action toilet bowl cleaner and deodoriser with pleasant citrus fragrance.

Jasol EC28 Bath and Shower Cleaner 5L Environmental Choice

Jasol EC28 Bath and Shower Cleaner with a tropical vanilla fragrance, superior strength that removes the toughest of grim and leaves behind a long lasting fragrance.

Jasol EC3 Heavy Duty Degreaser and Floor Cleaner 5L Environmental Choice

Jasol EC3 Heavy Duty Degreaser and Floor Cleaner, phosphate free, environmentally responsible which is ideal for removing the toughest fat, grease and oil soils in hard or soft water.

Jasol Bathroom Power Perfumed Oxygen Bleach Cleaner Disinfectant

Jasol Bathroom Power is a hospital grade disinfectant for toilets, bathrooms, and washrooms. Chlorine free, avoiding bleach stains. Perfumed.

Jasol Green Pine Neutral Reodorant Cleaner

Jasol Green Pine Neutral Reodorant Cleaner is non-staining and safe to use on all common surfaces. Great for use in toilets, bathrooms and wet areas where positive hygiene promoting qualities are most important.

Jasol Titan Spa Cleaner 5L - Antimicrobial Spa Cleaner

Jasol Titan Spa Cleaner is a spa cleaner with excellent antimicrobial properties. It cleans, sanitises spasm, and can be used with cold water.

Jasol Multi-Zyme LS Multi Enzyme Drain Cleaner 5L

Jasol Multi-Zyme LS Multi Enzyme Drain Cleaner contains several enzymes which breaks down and solubilize waste materials, providing the nutrients necessary for rapid bacterial growth and multiplication.


Jasol Mountain Breeze Urinal Deodorant Blocks

Jasol Mountain Breeze is a concentrated solid urinal deodorant for use in toilet and ablution areas. Available in 4kg and 10kg.