Jasol High-Quality Cleaning Chemicals and Sanitizing Products

Jasol is well-known for offering a comprehensive range of high-quality cleaning and sanitizing products that are the  ideal solution  for your hygiene needs.  The Jasol product  range is innovative but simple, meaning it is easy to understand and use while producing the best results possible. 

It is established over 75 years ago and backed by a strong quality and environmental credentials.

Jasol is a trusted market leader in the manufacture and supply of high-quality cleaning and hygiene solutions that can cater for almost  every cleaning need.  Whether you're in food manufacturing facilities, supermarkets, industrial applications, kitchens, washrooms or laundries, Jasol has your cleaning and hygiene needs covered. 

Jasol Titan General Purpose Spray & Wipe suitable for use on stainless steel or enamel kitchen stop tops and bathroom bench tops, sinks, microwaves and other appliances.  It kills 99.99% of germs leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

Biodegradable, all purpose cleaner and deodoriser - great for floors, laundry, toilets, kitchens, etc.
Available in 1 and 5L.
Super concentrated, phosphate free, pine fragrance, easy to handle, suitable for all hard surfaces, kills germs.

Biodegradable, all purpose cleaner and deodoriser with a lemon scent - great for floors, laundry, toilets, kitchens, etc. Available in 1L and 5L.

Super concentrated, phosphate free, pine fragrance, easy to handle, suitable for all hard surfaces, kills germs.

Biodegradable, all purpose cleaner and deodoriser with a pine forest scent - great for floors, laundry, toilets, kitchens, etc. Available in 1L.

Super concentrated, phosphate free, pine fragrance, easy to handle, suitable for all hard surfaces, kills germs.

Klenzall Spray and Wipe is an economical liquid multi purpose cleaner. Available in 5L.

Universal cleaning and degreasing applications, spray on/wipe off application, non caustic.

Jasol Clini-clean is a ready to use, pre-diluted detergent made under clean conditions for cleaning surfaces and equipment in hospital wards, laboratories, operating theatres, burns units, etc. 

For use prior to disinfecting or where disinfection is not required.

Jasol Clini-det Heavy Duty Neutral Detergent 5L


Jasol Clini-det Heavy duty neutral detergent for hospital use.

Non-perfumed, non-toxic, bio-degradable, cartridge system dispensing delivers measured dilution maximising value for money.

Jasol GP Det is a low-cost biodegradable, multi-purpose liquid detergent.

Jasol Titan Spray Clean Multi Purpose Solvent Cleaner is non flammable, non caustic, safe to use on most surfaces, universal cleaning and degreasing applications, economical, spray on/wipe off application.

Available in 20L.

Jasol Biosan Chlorinated Powdered Detergent for Food Processing is recommended for use where a high degree of sanitary cleanliness is required with good bacterial control. It is a chlorinated general purpose cleansing powder with high active detergency.

Brilliant product for the conditioning of water in pig processing scald tanks. It initially sanitises the tanks then during production sequesters the soils reducing greatly the difficulty of removal at cleaning time.

It promotes even scalding across the carcass and therefore even colour on the finished carcass. AQIS Approval.

Available in 15kg.

Jasol Hypofoam Chlorinated Foam Cleaner is a unique, heavy duty chlorinated alkali foam detergent, ideal for regular use in food processing equipment. It removes proteins, saponifies animal fats.

Jasol Hypofoam Chlorinated Foam Cleaner is completely miscible with water at all concentrations.  You can apply it by using foamer or by manual cleaning. AQIS Approval, Kosher Approval. Halal Approved.
Available in 20L and 200L.

Jasol ProGuard Rust Preventative Lubricant is a multipurpose product used as a water soluble oil for hooks, rollers, overhead rails and gambrels in the meat industry.

Economical use rates of 10%. Quality lubrication for those hook and roller systems that require lighter lubrication. AQIS Approval. NZFSA Approved.  Available in 20L.

Jasol Fruit Wash

Jasol Fruit Wash is the sanitising solution you need for washing fruit.  It is safe, neutral, odourless and does not require rinsing after use.

Available in 5L.

Jasol Antifoam FG, is a water dilutable silicone emulsion containing 30% active defoamer. It meets E.P.A requirements and is used as a foam depressor in many food processing operations.

Assists in the reduction of foam in a detergent. Silicone based defoamer for reclaim systems. AQIS Approval. KOSHER Approval.

Jasol Phos Acid 10% General Purpose Descaler is an economical phosphoric acid based descaling agent, soil, scale, rust and uric acid removal. It is designed for the acid cleaning of food processing equipment.

It can be used to clean equipment such as dishwashing machines and other high temperature equipment.
Recommended Use: Acid Cleaning Solution For Stainless Steel

Jasol All Over High Quality Body Soap has been specially formulated to use in shower and ablution areas as an all over hair and boyd wash. It is gentle to skin leaving your skin a pleasant fragrance.

It produces a rich creamy foam that whisks dirt and grime away. It will not defeat the skin and has been blended to afford the kindest treatment to hair and skin to all types. Available in 800ml, 5L and 20L.

Jasol Touch and Glo is a unique spray-on citrus perfumed emulsion designed to clean, polish and polish the timber furniture and panelling, laminated plastic, marble and stoved enameled surfaces.  It is excellent for use on vinyl upholstery, stainless steel and plated surfaces.

The specially selected ingredients give Touch and Glo superb protective qualities creating a smooth, hard smear resistant surfaces which has outstanding resistance to spoilage of water and liquids. It allows timber furniture and other approved surfaces to be more easily dusted and maintained. Available in 5L.

Jasol Cold-San Chilled Beerline Sanitiser is a blue coloured hydrogen peroxide based liquid which is specifically designed to provide a flexible cleaning and sanitising system for chilled beer lines in combination with Cold-Clean.

It is free rinsing and has no adverse effect on beer retention.  Effective against most organisms, excellent cleaning properties for all fittings.

Jasol LC-50 Liquid Caustic Soda is a concentrated solution of caustic soda used to clean equipment such as pasteurisers, cream treatment units, vacuum pans, concentrators, pre-heaters and other high temperature processing equipment. It is used as the alkali component in CIP cleaning systems.

Available in 20L and 200L. AQIS Approval. HALAL Approval.

Circulate a solution of 5-20ml LC-50 per litre of hot water (75C) for 20-30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. Rinse lines and other product contacting surface with potable water after use. LC-50 should be used  in conjunction with CIP Acid.

Jasol Filmslip G NEW Slip Agent

Jasil Filmslip G NEW Slip Agent ​is a unique, safe and easy to use sophisticated slipping agent for the application of window tints. It is ideal for the solar tint industry to assist in the application of window tints.

Available in 5L. Refer ​to ​product ​label ​for ​instructions.​