Sabco Buckets

Sacbo Buckets - General Purpose, Wringer , Window and Galvanised Buckets

If you are looking for wringer buckets, all-purpose buckets for your mopping and cleaning tasks, choose Sabco Buckets! These are quality, durable and convenient buckets! We have for household and commercial cleaning use.

Sabco 16L Wide Mouth Roller Mop Bucket

Sabco Wringer Mop Bucket with 16L capacity. It's special wide mouth is designed for ease of use for larger mops.

10L Round Plastic Bucket with Wire Handle - Blue

Sabco round bucket has a capacity of 10L. Round Plastic bucket with a great pouring lip. There is a water level indications.

Ezi Squeeze Bucket 12L and 9L

 It is portable for easy storage. It has a non-slip base. Fast and simple press to squeeze mechanism.

12.5 L Extra Wide Sponge Mop Bucket

Extra wide sponge mop bucket has 12.5 litre capacity, lightweight and chemical resistant. This sponge mop bucket is made in Australia.

Clean Rinse Bucket

This bucket is ideal when using strip mops. Two wringers to separate dirt and clean water. It is easy to remove and separate pieces. Very strong and durable bucket.

Sabco 12L Galvanised Roller Mop Bucket

Strong and durable 12 litre capacity. Waterproof welded seems and galvanized finish for added protection.

9L Galvanised Bucket with Wire Handle

Strong and durable 9 litre capacity. Galvanised finish for added protection and handle for easy carry.

SABCO 4L Rectangular Bucket

4l capacity. High quality bucket to suit cleaners trolley. Available colours are red and blue.

14L Galvanised Bucket with Wire Handle

Strong and durable 14 litre capacity. Galvanised finish for added protection and handle for easy carry.

16L Galvanised Roller Mop Bucket with Castors

Sabco's 16L capacity Galvanised Roller Mop bucket is designed with castors for ease of movement. It has a strong and durable heavy duty roller mop bucket.

Big Foot Conversion Kit

Replace your Wide Mouth bucket to a Big Foot using this simple to attach conversion kit.

Sabco Ultimate Pro Mop Bucket

The Ultimate Pro Mop Bucket in professional cleaning, super tough, durable and ultra efficient. Extra wide opening for easy use with large mop heads. Agitators to dislodge dirt from mop head.

Sabco 11L Rectangular Bucket

11 litre capacity. General purpose bucket for use around the home and garage. Suitable for squeeze mops. Plastic carry handle for extra strength.

Sabco Divided Pail 2 x 9L

This 2x9L divide pail has dual compartments to keep fresh and detergent water separate.

Sabco 16 L Pro Mop Bucket

These 16LTR PRO MOP buckets are all plastic rollers & mechanism. These are lightweight & chemical resistant buckets.

Futura Cotton Mop Press Wringer

This FUTURA cotton mop wringer is created to be used with Futura Tall Bucket (SABC-2154). Its mechanism is designed with high quality material and will not rust.

50L Dual Bucket Trolley with Press Wringer

2 x 25l capacity buckets on mobile trolley. Ergonomic press wringer with handle. For use on large floor areas requiring exacting hygiene control keeping soiled water separate.

Sabco 25L Futura Tall Bucket

This Futura Tall Bucket has a 25L capacity and is available from different colors . All plastic mechanism will not rust. This is created ergonomically to minimize injuries.

Futura Flat Mop Press Wringer

This Futura Flat Mop Press Wringer is designed to be used in conjunction with 25L Futura Tall Bucket. This plastic press wringer is suitable for wringing flat mops.

Cleaning Caddy Sabco

Suitable for carrying spray bottles, wipes, scrubs and accessories. Size: H 120 x W 400 x D 275mm

22L Window Bucket and Kit

Large heavy duty window cleaners bucket complete with dual squeegee / washer hangers.

Set Castors to suit Window Bucket 22L

One castor is lockable for improved stability.

Lid to Suit Sabco Window Bucket 22L

Prevent loosing liquid with lid to fit.