Automotive Polishes and Waxes

When it comes to keeping your car's finish looking new, it doesn't require to be costly buying expensive equipment or need a professional detail shop. You can shop here from our selection of Automotive waxes, Chrome and Metal Polishes, Pre-Wax Cleaners.

Septone Edge Magic Finish 1L

Septone Edge Magic Finish is a fast-working low dusting, finessing glaze specifically designed to eliminate swirl marks on all types of paint finishes, refinished and factory applied. Ideal for dark colours.

Purple Metal Polish

Purple Metal Polish is specially formulated for EASABILITY, DURABILITY and a SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE.Purple Metal Polish is in a class of it's own. This is truly a no-rub metal polish.


California Custom M-Ron Glass

California Custom M-Ron Glass is not your ordinary wax. It is a CLEANER & WAX so you are not waxing over a dirty surface or getting a waxy build up.


California Custom M-Ron Deep Clean

California Custom M-Ron Deep Clean is for non-clear coat finishes. Removes light to medium oxidation.


California Custom Spray Shine

California Custom Spray Shine is a specially formulated WATER BASED spray on CARNUBA WAX. NO AMMONIA, NO SOLVENTS, NO SILICONE, NO GARBAGE!


Septone Metal Polish

Septone Metal Polish is suitable for use on a variety of metal surfaces, such as Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Brass, Copper and Aluminium. It will clean, polish and help protect the metal surface from staining and oxidation.