Septone Auto Magic Polish Kit

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Septone Auto Magic Polish Kit is a complete polish system which features everything you need to get outstanding results for your paintwork.

The Auto Polish kit includes the following:

- 1 x Magic Cut 1L
- 1 x Magic Finish 1L
- 1 x Buffing Pad - Green Foam Medium
- 1 x Buffing Pad - Black Foam Light
- 1 x Buffing Pad Backing Plate
Polish your car like a pro with Septone Auto Magic Polish Kit where everythin you need is packed in a convenient storage bucket for ease of use and storage when not in use.

Septone Edge Magic Finish 1L

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Septone Edge Magic Finish is a fast-working low dusting, finessing glaze specifically designed to eliminate swirl marks on all types of paint finishes, refinished and factory applied. Ideal for dark colours.

Magic Finish is step 2 of the Septone Edge system and provides the final finish to a brilliant shine. Quick and easy clean up. Contains no silicones or waxes. Body Shop Safe. VOC compliant.

Septone Edge Magic Cut 1L

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Septone Edge Magic Cut is a 2-in 1 advanced compound and polish that works remarkably fast on all types of cured and fresh paint.  It corrects paint while producing rich colour depth, high gloss and reflection.

This versatile product can be used as a 1 step system. The micron-sized abrasives level paint imperfections quickly with little effort and little swirl. It rapidly removes 1500 sandpaper marks, scratches, acid rain, oxidation, and other paint imperfections.

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Septone Gleme high gloss polish effectively removes road film, tar spots and paint oxidation, produces a deep rich gloss and provides outstanding protection from the elements for new and well kept cars.

Septone Gleme Auto Premium Polish contains high quality carnauba wax, a polymeric silicone glaze and a microfine abrasive which will not scratch the paint surface.

It is available in 5L and 20L.
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Showroom Shine Polymer Glaze is designed to polish all types of automotive paintwork in new or reasonable condition, leaving a rich, deep, wet-look gloss after application.

Showroom Shine Polymer Glaze will nourish the paint with its rich high quality carnauba wax and advanced polymer technology, whilst the microfine abrasive effectively removes road film, tar spots, minor imperfections and paint oxidation without scratching the paint surface. 

It will restore and revitalise the paintwork to a brilliant showroom finish.

Showroom Shine Polymer Glaze's easy-on, easy-off formulation produces a finish of unparalleled durability and detergent resistance, providing outstanding protection from the elements for new and well kept cars.

Purple Metal Polish

California Custom
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Purple Metal Polish is specially formulated for EASABILITY, DURABILITY and a SUPER HIGH QUALITY SHINE.Purple Metal Polish is in a class of it's own. This is truly a no-rub metal polish.

When you see just how easy it actually is to polish aluminum, you will be totally amazed.

It is a SUPER QUICK and EASY maintenance product. Purple Metal Polish contains a superior abrasive along with Hi-tech cleaners and sealers to SAFELY CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECT all metal surfaces WITHOUT SCRATCHING! 

California Custom M-Ron Glass

California Custom
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California Custom M-Ron Glass is not your ordinary wax. It is a CLEANER & WAX so you are not waxing over a dirty surface or getting a waxy build up.

That's why M-Ron Glass gives you such an AMAZING SHINE! Because of how this works, we recommend to our customers that once applied; let it sit and bake in the sun for 15 to 30 minutes.

You will get a deeper shine and a higher luster than you would if you were to apply it and take it off right away. It will NEVER bake itself to the surface!

California Custom M-Ron Deep Clean

California Custom
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California Custom M-Ron Deep Clean is for non-clear coat finishes. Removes light to medium oxidation.

M-RON DEEP CLEAN is completely different from any other product of its kind. It totally reconditions your paint each time it is applied. If your paint doesn't shine after using this product the next step would be rubbing compound and a buffer or simply new paint! 

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California Custom Spray Shine is a specially formulated WATER BASED spray on CARNUBA WAX. NO AMMONIA, NO SOLVENTS, NO SILICONE, NO GARBAGE!

Like all of our products, Spray Shine™ can be applied in the DIRECT SUN, Even on BLACK! If you can work on Black paint in the direct sun, you've got every color covered.

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Septone Metal Polish is suitable for use on a variety of metal surfaces, such as Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Brass, Copper and Aluminium. It will clean, polish and help protect the metal surface from staining and oxidation.

Rapid Shine Septone Vinyl Plastic and Rubber Rejuvenator

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Rapid Shine from Septone protects, revives and beautifies leather, vinyl, rubber and plastics.
It produces a deep wet-look long life gloss that restores the natural shine, feel and colour of the original material.

Rapid Shine contains a high level of silicone polymers which penetrate deeply into the surface to produce a long life finish with low dirt pick-up, excellent resistance to water and to washing and outstanding overall protection from the sun and the effects of the elements. In automotive applications, use Rapid Shine to protect tyres, rubber and plastic bumpers and trims, rubber mudflaps, vinyl and leather upholstery, dashboards and surrounds, door panels, sun louvres, plastic grilles, mirror backs, floor mats and vinyl roofs. Around the home or office, Rapid Shine may be applied to leather or vinyl chairs, wooden furniture, handbags, golf bags, luggage and laminated surfaces. Boating applications for Rapid Shine include vinyl and leather upholstery, vinyl rooftops and canopies, dashboards and polished wooden and laminated surfaces.
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Septone Acrylic Clear is a fast drying clear acrylic lacquer designed to be used over metallic, pearlescent and solid colour basecoats.

It produces a high initial gloss which develops into a deep full gloss when polished. Acrylic Clear produces a hard wearing finish which is highly resistant to weathering and to yellowing.

Acrylic Clear is suitable for use over any properly prepared acrylic lacquer substrate. The use of Acrylic Clear over other substrates is not recommended due to possible incompatibilities which could lead to wrinkling or adhesion loss.
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Septone Acrylic Matt Black is a fast drying acrylic matt black finish, designed to be used for small touch-ups and repairs.
It may be used over properly prepared substrates like degreased and sanded acrylic lacquer, 2-Pack enamels, primer surfacer and primer filler. Perfect to use as a guidecoat. It produces a hard and durable finish.
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Septone Acrylic Satin Black is a fast drying acrylic satin black finish, designed to be used for small touch-ups and repairs.

It may be used over properly prepared substrates like degreased and sanded acrylic lacquer, 2-Pack enamels, primer surfacer and primer filler. Perfect to use as a guidecoat. Produces a hard and durable finish.

Septone Spray Putty Easy Sanding 400g

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Septone Spray Putty is a quick drying putty designed to be applied over Septone Primer Surfacer.

It displays high build properties permitting easy filling of small indentations sand paper marks scratches and file marks. Septone Spray Putty exhibits superb resistance to shrinkage and can be sanded with ease.

Septone Wheel Silver Finish 400g

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Septone Wheel Silver is an epoxy fortified paint which produces an extremely durable silver finish.
It is designed for use on small repairs and touch-up jobs when restoring the original factory appearance to scratched or dulled metal wheels, hubs and hub caps or plastic covers.

Septone Foam Polish Machine Glaze 1L

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Foam Polishing Machine Glaze is a premium grade liquid superfine foam polishing pad glaze.
It is developed for use on two pack polyurethane paint systems in both solid colour and clear over base systems.

It is also suitable for use on acrylic and enamel automotive paint systems. When used in combination with Septone Superior Cut Compound (liquid or paste), Foam Polishing Machine Glaze will leave a deep, wet look gloss after compounding on all paint finishes, including clearcoats and nourishes the paint with its rich polishing oils. Foam Polishing Machine Glaze does not contain silicone, wax or ammonia, so that it is ideally suited for use in vehicle refinishing operations where the presence of silicone in the refinishing shop can cause problems.
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Superior Cut Liquid Compound is a premium quality liquid microfinishing compound.
It is recommended for use on 2-pack paints in both solid colour and clear over base systems in automotive, marine and industrial applications. It can be used on new paints to remove dust and paint nibs, overspray and orange peel or on chalked paints to remove fine scratches and oxidation and to restore the shine to dull surfaces.

Chemtech Alushine Metal Polish 1L

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Chemtech Alushine Metal Polish Professional Formula has been formulated to achieve the highest possible level of metal restoration and shine.

Use this metal polish on your vehicle bullbars, tanks and side steps, alloy wheels, chrome exhausts, aluminium window frames, kitchen sinks, deck gear and other bare metal surfaces. It is great for aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, perspex, flexiglass, lexan and fibreglass. It removes oxidation and rust stains with minimum effort.

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Simple Green Wash & Wax quickly cleans and gives your car a brilliant, streak-free finish in one easy step.

It is perfect for exterior car washing. Won't dull or strip waxed surfaces.  Its thick foaming lather effectively lifts-off road soils leaving behind an added layer of protection.

This custom-blended, non-toxic* formula contains real carnauba wax. It is gentle enough for delicate auto surfaces, yet tough enough to cut through dirt, grime, and bugs while leaving a polished shine.