Agar Kuranda Green Commercial Grade Disinfectant

Agar Kuranda Green Commercial Grade Disinfectant is environment friendly, specially formulated for rapid soil attack and minimum residue. It is is boosted with a detergent for a powerful cleaning action. It leaves surfaces clean, disinfected and perfumed with a fresh floral fragrance.

Citraguard Directions

Hospital Grade Disinfectant - Apply neat CITRAGUARD to surfaces and leave in place for a minimum of 8 minutes contact time before rinsing with water.

General Cleaning

Spray & wipe - Dilute CITRAGUARD 1:10 with water in a spray dispenser. Spray onto surfaces for Household grade disinfecting purposes.

Mopping - In a mop bucket, dilute CITRAGUARD 1:50 with water. Mop or scrub floor and allow to dry.