Natural Pyrethrum Auto Sprays

Insect Solutions combines a timed mist release technology with the unique insect repelling properties of natural pyrethrin to provide a safe, effective and environmentally acceptable insect control solution.

With Insect Solutions you can leave your doors and windows open... insects will leave or not attempt to enter. If they cannot escape they will die, often close to windows and exits.

Using a combination of pyrethrin strength and time release options, your consultant will tailor a system to suit your needs. Once installed, Insect Solutions goes to work silently with each can of mist lasting approximately 6 weeks.

The Insect Solutions 24 hour pro-active control system will reduce the infestation and nuisance of pests in bakeries, butchers, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, delicatessens and food processors, in fact, in any situation where flies and other insects cause discomfort, inconvenience or pose a possible health hazard.

Areas such as in aged care homes, clinics, kindergartens, resorts and hotels also enjoy efficient and worry-free protection for a minimal cost to business.

Commercial clients will receive all the necessary documentation to include the Insect Solutions system as part of their Food Safety report and Food Safety program.


Pyrethrum Insect Control

Your answer to easy and cost effective compliance with Australian Food Safety Standards and council health requirements with Insect Solution. Therefore proprietors must ensure that all pests are eradicated and prevented from being harboured in their premises.


Pysect Insect Control

Pysect Insect Control for use with automatic metered dispensers for control of flying and crawling insects.


Pycare Natural Pyrethrum Metered Insecticide 150g

Pycare Natural Pyrethrum Metered Insecticide is environment friendly, food grade insecticide that kills flying and crawling insects fast. It controls flies, mosquitoes, moths, ants, fleas and cockroaches.