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Gilly Stephenson’s Orange Oil 250ml

Gilly Stephenson's
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Gilly Stephenson’s Orange Oil has excellent cleaning properties and is ideal for old neglected furniture. OIL CLEAN/ RESTORE Cane, Wicker, Chopping Boards, Tables.

Typical Uses of Gilly Stephenson’s Orange Oil:
- Cleans and restores. 
- Maintains a satin finish on antiques and fine furniture. 
- Feeds unpolished surfaces such as drawers and the undersides of tables, salad bowls and chopping boards. 
- Suitable for raw or unsealed wood. 
- Simple way to keep cane furniture and wicker in good condition. 
- Gives a golden hue to pine.

Stainless Steel Oil by Jasol

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Stainless Steel Oil is a combination of natural oils, including Linseed oil. This is a catalyzed drying oil giving it the ability to dry on hard surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other metal surfaces.
 Stainless Steel Oil can also be used to polish antique furniture, teak, natural wood and even leather surfaces as it nourishes timber and leather, helping to preserve it. Recommended Uses Apply with soft moist cloth, wipe and buff dry after 2 & 3 minutes.

Multi purpose cleaner/polish, nourishes & protects timber, economical to use, leaves a deep lustre, repels water, protects hard surfaces for easier cleaning.
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Jasol Touch and Glo is a unique spray-on citrus perfumed emulsion designed to clean, polish and polish the timber furniture and panelling, laminated plastic, marble and stoved enameled surfaces.  It is excellent for use on vinyl upholstery, stainless steel and plated surfaces.

The specially selected ingredients give Touch and Glo superb protective qualities creating a smooth, hard smear resistant surfaces which has outstanding resistance to spoilage of water and liquids. It allows timber furniture and other approved surfaces to be more easily dusted and maintained. Available in 5L.

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Agar Splendour is a silicone and wax-based furniture polish that cleans, protects and polishes in one spray-wipe action. It is useful for desks, chairs, tables, benches and counters. Splendour is lightly perfumed to leave surfaces smelling clean.

It cleans and shines all vinyl, plastic, metal, water-resistant polished wood and ceramic surfaces found in the office and in the home vinyl chairs, chrome trim, filing cabinets, counters, tables, polished wood furniture, etc.  Available in 1L and 5L.