Hand Held Battery Motor Scrubber

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The Motor Scrubber is the powerful, lightweight, telescoping, ultimate cleaning machine. Designed for safe and reliable use, it is the "Ultimate" Scrubber that quickly and effortlessly cleans any other hard to clean area.

Tackle any cleaning task with ease in half the time!
The Motor Scrubber is the powerful, lightweight, telescoping, ultimate cleaning machine. Designed for safe and reliable use, the Motor Scrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your restrooms, showers, baseboards, windows, stairs, pools, buses, motor vehicles and any other hard to clean area.

The Motor Scrubber operates off of a 12-Volt DC battery, which is safe for use around water. It provides up to 4 hours of use and recharges in 5 hours. The Ultimate Scrubber allows you to scrub and polish where there are no electric outlets available.

The Ultimate Scrubber's permanently lubricated submersible head pivots 70 degrees to follow the contour of the surface you are cleaning. The handle telescopes to 8.5 feet to scrub even the hard to reach areas.

The Ultimate Scrubber Starter Kit (pictured above) comes with 3 interchangeable scrubbing heads for all of your toughest cleaning tasks, optional handles are available of 15", 30" or 48" telescoping handle, backpack Harness with battery and 5' coiled cord and battery charger.

The Ultimate Scrubber has many different
Accessories and replacements available. Some accessories available; heavy-duty aggressive scrub brush, window/vehicle brush, baseboard brush and pad holder for various scrubbing disk.

Motorscrubber Starter Kit

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Comes with the 127cm handle and everything in the picture


For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service

Motorscrubber accessories and spares

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Motor Scrubber 12VDC Battery Post Adaptor. Please call us for pricing on this range.

Motorscrubber handles 

Motor Scrubber 12VDC Gig Lighter Adaptor

Motor Scrubber 7.62m (25') cord

Motor Scrubber Sponge disc

Motor Scrubber Scrub Discs

Motor Scrubber Light duty brush disc


Motor Scrubber Aggressive duty brush


Motor Scrubber Aggressive duty brush with splash guard

Motor Scrubber Medium duty brush

Motor Scrubber Terry cloth bonnet


Motor Scrubber Pad holder

Motor Scrubber Baseboard brush

Motor Scrubber Battery Waist Harness or spare battery


For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service


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The Ultimate Cordless, High Torque, Lightweight, Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine

Oates® MotorScrubber an ultimate scrubber, quickly and effortlessly cleans your  washrooms, showers, stairs, skirting/baseboards, windows, swimming pools, motor vehicles and other hard to clean areas.

Motorscrubber Starter Kit includes: Motorhead complete with hub, backpack harness, 12 volt battery, battery charger, telescopic handle, medium duty brush, pad holder, green scrubbing pad, red cleaning pad, white buffing pad and microfibre pad.

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