Extra Large Scrubber Dryers

Clean large areas and spaces with our high performing extra-large scrubber dryers. Although they are designed for heavy-duty cleaning, their light, and easy-to-handle features makes them suitable for all sorts of cleaning situations.

Their overall capacity allows for lesser water and chemical usage, thus conserving water while reducing negative effects on the environment. The extra-large gear opts for a commendable increase in productivity as it eliminates the constant need to change water while the easy-to-use controls reduce operator training time.

Upgrade your large scrubber dryers to our extra-large ones for cleaning hard floors in extra-large premises. We have a walk behind scrubber dryers that are perfect for cleaning huge industrial and commercial spaces. Our bigger cleaning equipment is also ideal for scrubbing and drying the floors of airports, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, warehouses, and all kinds of places with a sizable area.

You have never seen extra-large floor scrubbers and scrubber dryers that cleans larger spaces easier and more convenient than our products. Our scrubber dryers are top graded when it comes to total productivity, dependability, and cleaning power level. They can be reliable to cope even with the toughest of applications and are guaranteed to provide an effortless operation in order to cover larger areas and leave even the dirtiest of floors squeaky clean.

Our extra-large floor scrubber dryers can take the roughest situations, proving themselves to be a capable and powerful workhorse in any types of industry. With their wider area cleaning coverage and economic factors, trade in your large scrubber dryers and upgrade to larger ones.

Comac Media 65BT


Comac Simpla 50BST


Comac Simpla 65BT


Comac Simpla 55BT