Large Floor Scrubber Dryers

There's no holding our large scrubber dryers back when it comes to cleaning hard floor and surfaces in larger scales. They're the perfect scrubbing machines for industrial and commercial floors which may include, but not limited to, concrete, marble floor, tiled, and slate floor surfaces.

These products are most suitable to leave warehouses, production areas, distribution centers, factories, airports, and shopping centers squeaky clean floors.
Not only are these scrubbing machines able to clean dirt and filth off a floor, but they're also able to reduce negative effects to the environment with its cleaning method. These machines apparently use less water and cleaning chemicals, like detergents, in order to thoroughly clean floors. With the right amount of water and cleaning products, our large scrubber dryer is able to clean with the most efficient and impressive results.

We also have walk behind scrubber dryers, battery operated scrubber dryers, and battery-powered walk behind scrubber dryer to suit your need. These machines increase productivity as it lessens operator fatigue. Its incredible performance is made possible with easy-to-use system and controls that don't require extensive training to utilize effectively.

Our various scrubber dryer collection lets you choose one that is most suitable for your cleaning need. In choosing the perfect scrubber dryer, you must first determine the size of the place you are opting to clean. Most often than not, battery driven walk behind scrubber dryers are the perfect choice for those owning larger areas of a place. However, there are other large scrubber dryers that will definitely be of essential use for you.

Viper Large Walk-Behind Scrubber

Viper Large Walk-Behind Scrubber embodies intelligent performance, straightforward design, and user-friendly operation. This scrubber is primarily designed to meet the demanding cleaning needs of medium to large-sized facilities.

Nilfisk SC800 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

NIlfisk SC800 walk-behind scrubber/dryer for heavy-duty cleaning. The SC800 is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, low maintenance, superb cleaning results and yet it is an eco-friendly solution.

Viper FANG 26T Floor Scrubbing Machine | Large 66cm Wide Battery Scrubber

Viper FANG 26T Large walk behind scrubber dryer with easy to use and understand control panel is suitable for cleaning tough and dirty environments.

Viper FANG32T Floor Scrubbing Machine | Large 81cm Wide Battery Scrubber

You can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments with this easy to use and manoeuvre Viper FANG32T large-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer.

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Nilfisk SC901 Large Battery Powered Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The Nilfisk SC901 large walk-behind scrubber is designed to be durable, efficient removing the complexity associated with floor cleaning equipment, especially for the building service contractor.


Taski Swingo 1650B BMS Battery Powered Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski 1650B BMS is a large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm) auto scrubbers provide long run times and brushes that perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal.

Mitchell Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

Mitchell COLT Multi-purpose Floor Scrubber is compact, has a quiet but powerful electric motor that cleans small to medium size areas quickly and efficiently, combining scrubbing and drying in one machine.
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Comac Abila 45B


Comac Abila 50B


Comac Abila 50BT