Battery Operated Floor Scubber Dryers with Cylindrical Brushes


Numatic Battery 30L Cylindrical Battery Scrubber

Here you have a machine with a deep clean 450mm cylinder power head, a full stainless steel chassis, full 30-litre capacity, a high efficiency aluminium semi-parabolic wet pick-up head, on-board battery charger and fully adjustable, operator control-centre handle.

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Viper AS5160T Mid Sized Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160T Mid Sized Walk Scrubber Dryer is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with high battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with their ergonomic design, these robust machines are ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces.


Comac Vispa 35BS Cylindrical


Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv Scrubber Drier

Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv Scrubber Drier is a compact and flexible scrubber drier can be used for variable applications. A low – noise cleaning is in both directions possible.

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Numatic TTQ1535

There is an old saying that "small can also be beautiful" and this is particularly true when having to clean floors quickly and effectively in small and sometimes restricted areas.


Karcher BR 40/25 C Bp Pack

Manually-steered battery-operated floor scrubber with roller brushes with a performance up to 1600 m²/h.For economic basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of surfaces up to 800 m². Equipped with maintenance-free batteries and on-board charger.