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Sabco Window Cleaning

Looking for affordable quality window cleaning products? Try Sabco Professional's Window Cleaning range which includes window washers, replacement sleeves, handle, squeegees and replacement rubbers, providing a complete window cleaning solution.

Pulex Telescopic Poles

Pulex telescopic poles offer a full range of possibilities for high up cleaning. They are comprised of one, two or three parts and come in 14 standard sizes from 1.25 metres to 11 metres. The locking collars are made from nylon. The end of each pole comprises a standard or screw cone for mounting any type of tool.


Sabco Total Clean Window Washer

Sabco Total Clean Window Washer is interwoven with non-scratch durable poly bristles for more scrubbing power. It can easily remove tough grime such as bird & fly droppings. It can be used to clean on screens, windows, mirrors and more.

Sabco Stainless Steel Power Dry Squeegee

Sabco Stainless Steel Power dry squeegee with professional rubber blades. It has stainless steel body – rust resistant for long life. Ergonomic non-slip handle. Available in 25.5cm, 35.5cm, and 45.5cm.

Sabco Spiked Window Washer with Fixed Handle

Sabco Spiked Microfibre Window Washer features additional spikes to effectively cut through stubborn dirt and spots such as bird & fly droppings without scratching.

Sabco 3-in-1 Spray Window Washer Squeegee

This new Sabco 3-in-1 Spray Squeegee allows you to clean your windows with one hand. You can simply spray, wash, and squeegee dry for professional results.

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Pulex Long Handle Scraper - 120cm

Pulex Long Handle Scraper is a dual purpose floor and window scraper with safety cover and sharp/blunt side blade. It has  a metal angled head with 120cm plastic handle.

Pulex Short Handle Scraper - Floor and Window Scraper

Pulex short handle scraper is a dual purpose floor and window scraper with safety cover. The dual purpose blade contains sharp and blunt size.

Sabco Microtiger Replacement Sleeve

Washer Microtiger Replacement Sleeve for window washers. It is suitable for glass cleaning. Available sizes are 25cm (10'), 35cm (14'), and 45cm (18').

Pulex Technolite Window Squeegee Handle

Pulex Technolite well-designed window squeegee handle ensures that ensures a firm, safe grip for improved over-all performance. Quick release.Triple lock system guarantees secure locking and position of channel.
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Pulex Stutzy Universal Swivel Handle-Quick Release

Quick release Stutzy Swivel Handle. It is a universal fit, suits all channels excluding Alumax. Its rubber can be changed without removing channel.Swivel handle helps reach awkward angles with ease.
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Pulex Technolite Window Squeegee Complete

Clean your windows streak free with this Sabco Technolite Window Squeegee Complete. It protects your windows for it cleans them without leaving any scratches, fingerprints and dirt.

Pulex Window Washer Complete

The Pulex window washer stands out due to the exceptional resistance of the acrylic microfibers. These fibres maintain there features even after months of heavy duty work. It comes in 4 sizes ranging from 25cm to 55cm the T bar is made from aluminium, steel and plastic. Also available in the swivel version.

SABCO Shower & Glass Squeegee

Sabco Shower & Glass Squeegee is a little compact design with premium rubber for a great sparkling finish. This soft grip window squeegee gives your home, or office windows and glass streak free shine.
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Sabco 2 in 1 Washer Squeegee

This affordable Squeegee and Washer in 1, is mainly designed to cater for home use. Its sleeve is removable and machine washable. Can fit onto a 25mm handle. A microfibre washer that removes dust, dirt and grime; flexible rubber blade for streak-free drying.
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Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper

The Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper is the right tool for construction cleaning with an extension pole. You will be able to remove stickers, tape, paint, mud and other debris from hard-to-reach windows and glass.

Triumph Mk3 Straight Scraper

Triumph Mk3 Straight Scraper has the double-edged 6-inch blade that gives you eight times the scraping width as compared to most ordinary scrapers.


Pulex Stainless Steel Handle & Channels

Pulex Excellent quality stainless steel channel and replacement rubber that gives additional life to your stainless steel complete squeegee (SABC-T00).

Sabco Fine Line Window Squeegee

25cm sturdy and durable fine line window squeegee. Use on windows, glass table tops, mirrors and tiles. Can be used with a broom handle to increase reach (Suits SAB21061).

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SABCO Soft Grip Window Squeegee

Contemporary styling with soft grip ergonomic handle. Soft rubber squeegee for a no-streak finish. Perfect for the shower, car and home.
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Sabco Dual Angle Window Washer

Sabco Dual Angle Window Washer has a unique right angled swivel head for those hard to reach places. Hard wearing gauze covered sponge to loosen stubborn dirt.  Handle extendable to 1.2m. Soft grip for comfortable use.

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Sabco Supreme Window Washer with Extendable Handle

Extendable handle to reach 1.3m. Netted sponge to loosen stubborn dirt, comfortable hand grip and easy to store. Suitable for windows, cars, tiling, boats and pools. 20.5cm blade

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Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete

The PULEX stainless steel window squeegee is highly appreciated by professional window cleaners.


Pulex Replacement Squeegee Soft Rubbers

Pulex Super Soft for better cleaning. Best performance in cold weather. It is easy to use when cleaning with minimal pressure. It is suitable for use with all squeegees.

Sabco Window Washer Rubber Blades Long Life

This window washer rubber blades are well suited for use in hot water. It is ideal for considerably higher level of cleaning pressure.It is compatible for use with all squeegees.