Kitchen Brushes and Scrubs

Sabco Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush

Sabco Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush has a soft touch ergonomic grip and strong bristles for effortless cleaning of food and grease on your dishes.Just push down button to release just the right amount of detergent on area to be cleaned.

Large Bottle Brush

Large quality bottle and vase cleaner. Full bristles offer a maximum clean.

Handled Scrub

Handled scrub with built in scraper. Tough hard wearing bristles for heavy duty cleaning.

Long Handled Scrub

General purpose scrub for all household cleaning tasks. Features tough and durable bristles for maximum results.

Timber S Scrub - Sabco

Comfortable wooden hand grip with 'S' Shape. Ideal for reaching into tight corners

Sabco Timber All Purpose Scrub

Sabco All Purpose Scrub with comfortable wooden hand grip, this all purpose scrub is ideal for corners and crevices.

Sabco Bottle & Vase Brush

Bottle & Vase Brush with strong bristles to clean baby bottles. Also includes removable teat cleaner which is conveniently stored in the handle.

Radial Dish brush -Sabco

Radial shaped dish brush head with sturdy, durable bristles ideal for all round cleaning. Scraper will remove tough dirt and grime build up.

Soft Grip Rectangular Dish Brush - Antibacterial

Bristles with Silver Ions resist the growth of Bacteria!
Rectangular head for easy reach. Dual bristle heads for extra cleaning power.

Sabco Big Job Kitchen Brush

Easy to use kitchen brush. Radial bristles which provide increased surface area for cleaning. It has extra stiff bristles on the top of the head to remove tough dirt & grime.

Sabco Bottle Brush

Sabco bottle brush with stiff hard-wearing bristles,is an ideal brush for cleaning tall bottles.  It has long wire neck to reach dirt even to the very bottom. Unique rubber grip for ergonomic comfort.

Sabco Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

Distinctive rubberized handle for ergonomic comfortable use. With its long handle, it enables you to clean hard to reach areas. 

Sabco Small Scrub Brush

One of a kind rubberized handle for ergonomic comfortable use. Its long handle is designed for greater reach and flexibility.

Sabco Big Scrub Brush

Sabco Big Scrub Brush is ideal for all household cleaning tasks. It has a different rubberized handle for ease of use. It has a curve shape head and handle that allows you to easily scrub.

Sabco Save n Shine Trigger Brush and Refills

This dishbrush has a controlled detergent release - no waste, no leak, and no mess. It is made of high quality material, robust, and very comfortable to use.