Sabco Automotive Cleaning Supplies

Sabco Automotive Cleaning Supplies

We offer Sabco's Professional Automotive Cleaning Supplies which includes their popular high quality truck & caravan brush with super soft flagged bristles for scratch-free cleaning. Besides, we also stock Sabco car cleaning and detailing products such as mops, sponges, wash mitts and gloves, wash pads, microfibre cloths, towels, chamois, buffing and polishing pads, etc...

Sabco Jet Pulse Washer

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Sabco Jet Pulse Washer  is easy to use. Just connect it to garden hose and go. It is ideal for all outdoor cleaning jobs - car, caravan, boat,paths, windows, outdoor furniture, and more!
- Easy-switch 3-way flow control - soap / rinse / off
- 3 settings – jet / precision jet / fan
- 180 degree adjustable nozzle head for easy use
- Built-in soap container to add your favorite detergent

Sabco Flow Wash Brush

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Sabco Flow Wash Brush features soft flagged bristles - for effective dirt removal without scratching.
- water saving - on/off water flow control valve. Fits standard garden hoses
- Ideal for car exteriors, boats, outdoor furniture, kids
toys, windows and more

Sabco XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush

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XL Flow-Thu Hand Wash Brush from Sabco has soft flagged bristles for effective dirt removal without leaving any scratch. It fits standard garden hose.

It has water Saving On/off waterflow control valve. Its long handle helps to access areas you can hardly reach. It is excellent for car exteriors, boats, windows & flyscreens, outdoor furniture, kids toys, door tracks & weatherboards, cobwebs and much more.
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Professional Truck and Caravan Brush Wash features a unique telescopic water flow handle that extends to 2.3m in length. Super soft flagged bristles for scratch free cleaning.

Comes complete with a snap on hose connector.  Fitting on all standard garden hoses, cleaning your truck or caravan has never been easier.

Simply snap the telescopic handle on to the end of any garden hose and the water will flow through the handle out of the brush head.

Sabco Synthetic Chamois Cloth Perforated

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Man made chamois cloth suitable for cars, trucks, 4wd, boats, caravans. For cleaning at home, office and commercial. Remains soft and flexible. Store it dry. For a sparkling, streak free finish.
- can be machine washed (to 60 c)
- dimensions: 35 x 40cm (10pk)