Automotive Cloths

Microfibre Interior Cloth

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Fine microfibre cloth collects dirt and dust from all hard surfaces.
No need for harsh chemicals, this cloth will protect and clean your vehicles interior with ease. Machine washable and reusable

Microfibre Auto Exterior Sponge Cloth

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Large size sponge quickly and easily removes dirt and grime from your car surfaces.
No need for chemicals, as the microfibres attract and trap dirt within them. Machine washable and reusable.

Microfibre Car Wash Glove

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Can be used wet or dry to collect all dirt, dust and grime from your car without the need for chemicals.
Easily fits most size hands. Machine washable and reusable.

Microfibre Optical & Sunglass Cloth

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Optical and sunglass cloth is made with fine microfibre to gently but thoroughly remove dirt, dust and fingerprints from your spectacles. Washable and reusable.