Lint Roller

SABCO Lint Buddy

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Sabco Lint Buddy's super sticky surface removes all traces of lint and hair from your favourite fabrics. Simply roll Lint Buddy over your clothes or upholstery, tear off the top sheet and throw away.

You can use Lint Buddy over and over again. Refill available.
Sabco Lint Buddy Mini is available too which can conveniently fit in handbags for use on travel or glove boxes.
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Use Sabco Lint Buddy with Brush to remove all traces of lint, dust and hair from fabrics. It comes with a handy brush for stubborn lint.
To use: Peel the wrapper off the tube part, and roll it across the garment. Use and up-and-down motion. As you continue to roll, you will notice that the lint roller is become less tacky. When this happens, simply peel off the sticky sheet to reveal a fresh sticky underneath. Keep rolling and removing sheets until there is no more lint. Refill is available too.