Sabco Ultra Grab Microfibre Flexible Duster

Sabco Ultra Grab Flexible Duster features Flexible head for hard to reach places. Unique super-fine microfingers traps and lifts dust and allergens from surface. Long lasting, machine washable.

Microfingers Flexible Duster w/ Extension Handle

Flexible head for hard to reach places. Unique microfingers trap dust and allergens. Long lasting, machine washable. Handle extends to 2.1 metres.

Mini Duster with Microfingers

Microfibre cloth holds dust within the fibres. Ideal for cleaning blinds and those hard to reach areas. No need for chemicals. Machine washable and reusable.

Electrostatic Duster with Extension Handle

The electrostatic charged duster attracts dust like a magnet. Extendable handle. Thick fill for maximum surface area..

SABCO Super Duster with Soft Grip Handle

Features a premium quality soft touch ergonomic handle. Fine electrostatic fibres attract dust like a magnet. Washable with lukewarm water.

Lambswool Duster with TX Handle

Extendable lambswool duster for all dusting in and around the home. Get dirt and dust, and lint. Extends from 80cm to 1.07m. Machine washable and reusable.
Pack OF 10

Flannelette Dusting Cloth 50 X 45CM

100% woven cotton, excellent wiping cloth for removing dust and buffing items to a mirror image.

Per Roll

Sabco Grime Trapper Roll 9m x 15cm

Sabco Grime Trapper is special sticky pad to trap dirt instead of simply sweeping dust. This disposable pad is made from polyester and has a special adhesion treatment which helps to pick up to 5 times more than traditional dusting cloths or mops.