Cotton Mops


Sabco Antibacterial Slate and Tile Mop

Sabco Slate and Tile Mop features Antibacterial yarn to prevent the growth of bacteria. Looped and tail banded construction for maximum strength. US thread ferrule to suit most handles. Replacement head available.

Sabco Antibacterial Mop

Premium blend mop for maximum absorbency. Antibacterial yarn to prevent odour forming bacteria. US thread ferrule to suit most handles. Available replacement heads are medium, large, and extra large.

Self Wringing Cotton Mop Antibacterial

This self wringing cotton mop is made up of anti-bacterial yarn that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. It includes a screw on mop head.

SABCO Premium Grade Contractor Mop- 400G

Premium textile blend. Features H/D plastic ferrule. Ideal for commercial cleaning. Includes adaptor to suit 25mm wooden or metal handles.

SABCO Premium Grade Round Mop - 350g

It has a round shape, tail banded for optimum floor coverage. It has looped ends to protect from tangling and linting. Features H/D plastic ferrule.


SABCO Premium Grade Loop Mop - 350g

Sabco Premium Grade Loop  Mop is well suited for commercial cleaning. Its looped and angle tail are banded to protect from tangling and linting.

Sabco Contractor Mop - Blue Socket

This Sabco Contractor Mop is 100% cotton mop for maximum absorbency. It is durable and long lasting. Its industrial strength yarn is perfect commercial cleaning. Features H/D plastic ferrule


Sabco Poly Cotton Mop Head

Polyester cotton mop head mostly used for applying sealers as it will reduce lint residual. Long lasting, Industrial strength yarn is ideal for commercial cleaning also.


Loop Mop - 350g- No Socket

Butterfly shaped looped and tail banded prevents linting and tangling. Commercial grade yarns for most efficient use. Mop clip is required. Available colours are blue, green, red, and white.

Plastic Mop Clip

High quality durable plastic mop clip featuring universal screw tightened adaptor for 22mm or 25mm wooden or non threaded metal handles. Available colours are blue, green, red, and yellow and black.

Sabco Premium Cotton Mop 300g with Poly Glass Handle

Sabco Premium Cotton Mop provides you with ease and convenience with a combination of traditional cleaning power with superior handling technique.