Sabco Mops - Flat, Spin, Sponge, Traditional, Twist and Cotton and Strip Mops

Sabco Mops - Flat Mops, Spin Mops, Sponge Mops, Cotton and Strip Mops

If you are looking for mops to make your floors squeaky clean, Sabco's Mop range for household and commercial cleaning is the solution. You have the perfect mop to take care of the job.

Sabco Direct Pressure Rail Base

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Open Back Polish Applicator with Handle - 61 x 15 cm

Fully assembled nylon fibre fringe on frame with sturdy but lightweight aluminium handle complete with hand grip and hanging hook. Looped nylon with sponge infill allows slow release of polish on application.

Sabco Applicator Foam Base

Applicator Foam Base is a part of Sabco's floor squeeze range. It is strongly recommended to use on uneven surfaces to ensure maximum coverage on operation.
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