Extension Leads, Power boards, RCD

Safety is our primary concern when it comes to our wide range of extension leads, power boards, and RCD. You can ensure that they're made of top quality materials that guarantee no defects or anything of some sort that might cause harm.

It should also be considered, of course, that these products are used accordingly. Besides, the major cause of a fire at home and in the workplace is not due to the leads or any of the equipment; it all boils down to the practice of overloading power boards with many appliances, especially those large current devices, heaters, conditioners, and such. It's very crucial to use these extension leads, power boards, and RCD safely.

Power boards can be utilized to use many electrical gadgets but should never be used in wet areas like laundries and bathrooms. Power boards are also not the best choice for plugging in high power devices to a wall outlet. To be safe, you have to have an RCD or a safety switch protected circuit that supplies your power board. It's also very important to use extension cords safely. Our extension leads have earth, active and neutral wires that you can use confidently. Just make sure that these cords are fully unwound so it won't overheat immediately.

We want you to have a safe home and workplace that's why we provide only the best and trusted extension leads, power boards, and RCD for your everyday needs. Make sure to follow the best practices and observe the right way of using these products in order to avoid possible accidents in the future.