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Enretech-1 is a dual purpose oil/fuel absorbent and bioremediation agent for use on direct spills or on hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

The product contains naturally occurring bacteria commonly found in oil-bearing plants and common soils. When given a hydrocarbon food source and kept moist, the bacteria propagate rapidly within the fibres and break down the soil contaminant into its non-harmful constituents.

Enretech-1 is applied by blending the dry absorbent carrying the micro-organisms with the contaminated soil as thoroughly as possible. Once the hydrocarbon comes in contact with Enretech-1, it will be absorbed and encapsulated by the fibrous active sites. Enretech-1 is dispersed by tilling and there is no requirement for washing, milling or surfactant addition.

Enretech-1 has been used successfully to clean up many sites. To-date, over 40 recorded projects, conducted in a variety of countries (including Australia), show an average reduction in total hydrocarbons (TPH) of 82% in 77 days.  Most of these remediation projects involved soil contaminated with common petroleum hydrocarbons such as diesel and sump oils. However, Enretech-1 has also proven effective in the in-situ bioremediation of transformer (mineral) oils and has also been shown to bioremediate some PAHs (depending on ring structure) and even synthetic compounds.

The Enretech-1 technology can be applied in both insitu and ex-situ situations, but is most effective for use in emergency land-based hydrocarbon spills where conventional remediation treatments are not practical due to environmental sensitivities or remoteness.