Ride On Carpet Machines

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The Chariot 3 iExtract 26 DUO was developed from Windsor's years of experience as the innovators of the stand-on cleaning segment. No other manufacturer comes close to the depth of their line of stand-on cleaning machines.

This machine brings our interim and extraction cleaning technology to their third generation Chariot platform. This machine is perfect for interim and restorative cleaning. Interim cleaning helps maintain the appearance of your floors with low moisture, low chemical cleaning that increases productivity and maintains budget goals. Restorative cleaning returns your floors back to as "like new" as possible.


The Chariot iExtract combines the innovative technology of the Chariot stand-up platform and Windsor’s 35 years of experience building superior, reliable carpet extractors.

Engineered for deep restorative extraction for carpets with heavy accumulation of soil and stains. The iExtract’s high pressure, 100 psi pump, 1.2 gpm flow rate, and two 800 rpm counter-rotating cylindrical brushes sweep small debris into a debris bin and aggressively attack and remove soil and stains.

 The Chariot family of cleaning equipment is the industry’s only stand-up platform. It is a truly innovative product that combines the maneuverability of a walk-behind with the speed of a ride-on.