Fine Dust Only Vacuum Cleaners

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The DustCare Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaners range has been a dedicated development to produce a range of professional machines addressing the needs of fine dust applications as found throughout the building industry.

The AirFlo and MicroFlo technology (patent applied for) has introduced an exceptional upgrade in both performance and dust collection and this technology has been incorporated into our Structofoam 570 and 900 professional models.

The ultimate combination of operational performance and automatic operation in conjunction with a whole selection of work tools both in woodworking and stone working. Each DustCare 570 or 900 machine, be it Simplex or Duplex, can be fitted with our Electronic Auto Control System.

All “A” machines are equipped with an appropriate power outlet pre-fitted to the power head. When a hand tool is connected to this supply, the vacuum cleaner and the tool operation will be fully synchronized; when the tool is switched off the vacuum cleaner will switch off automatically.

The converse is also true, switch the hand tool on and the vacuum cleaner switches on automatically. This is vitally useful when  machines and workstation are not adjacent to each other, ie. on scaffold or ladders - the operation is fully automatic.
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Kerrick FD1500 Heavy Duty Fine Dust Vac is a specialist unit that delivers maximum performance when vacuuming fine dust due to its superior air to cloth ratio and unique filter assembly.

The unit incorporates the latest technology with a robust turbine motor, improved cyclonic particle separation and ergonomic waste disposal system, making it the market leader in industrial fine dust vacuum cleaners.

The filter assembly has been engineered to handle fine dust, has improved particle separation and is ideal for resolving OH & S fine dust issues.