Numatic Aircraft vacuum cleaner the answer to problems in aircraft cleaning.

The cleaning of today's fleet of aircraft worldwide has it own special requirements which are embodied into the Aircraft model. When you think about the problem it's enormous.

You've got areas as big as a tennis court, housing hundreds of people, covered in seats which form obvious obstructions to normal cleaning, and to cap it all, the aircraft has its own power supply at 115V/400hz.

The Numatic Aircraft vacuum cleaner range has taken all these considerations into account and are used extensively through the world.


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Pacvac Superpro Trans 700 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is specifically wired for On-Board Power Systems found on various Transportation such as Aircraft, Ships, Trains etc. Designed for large transportation vessels which utilize a 400 hertz power supply.

Hypercone™ Activeair filtration maintains airflow from the top down to provide continuous airflow – the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. The Hypercone™ lasts over 200 hours depending on duty cycles.
Ergonomically designed frame - new extended ‘body moulded’ frame for increased comfort and anatomically correct posture – a critical OH & S factor.
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The ANV 180s has been developed to cater for the demands created when cleaning ‘onboard’ varying types of Aircraft. 

It is ideal for commercial cleaning applications where the ‘turnaround’ time between each flight is kept to a minimum. The power head itself has many technical features ranging from an efficient ‘Thru‐Flo’ vacuum motor, proven to give outstanding results and reliability each time it is used, through to our new ‘HI‐VIZ’ anti kink mains lead. Filtration is an important aspect with any cleaning application and with this in mind, have incorporated a ‘Tritex’ primary filter and ‘HEPA‐FLO’ dust bags as standard. With an incredible 8 litre capacity provided, combined with an overall machine weight of 5.6Kg, we are sure you will agree the power to weight ratio is second to none.