Shark® Vax® Bissell® Cleanstar® Makita® Battery or Corded Vacuum Cleaners

With the progress in battery performance, vacuums are becoming easier to use while lasting longer and giving your home or small office an ideal quick clean. Upright Vacuums Corded 240v machines are a good choice for open areas with deeper pile carpet . There has never been so much choice.

Finding the right upright vacuum

It is becoming more popular than ever since Sir James Dyson redefined vacuum engineering. After making a huge impact, he really set the bar for todays choice of machines designed to make it easier, quicker and cleaner. At the same time a big part of manufacturers designs are helping humans more and more with ergonomics, giving them the choice of a vacuum cleaner for small to medium size areas which are affordable, simply easy to use, making your space cleaner and healthier

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Easy to Use Shark Upright Vaccum

Battery Operated Stick Vacuums
Stick vacuums are lightweight and quick to use. Ideal for fast clean up of those sneaky breakfast toast crumbs or that quick toenail trim. After the kids pack up their toys and just before the visitors come. Ease of use for the elderly by allowing to get under beds without bending down.Convenient and easy to store in smaller studio style apartments.

Upright Vacuums Available at Cleaners Supermarket®

Upright Vacuums Battery or Corded
With more power and larger capacity, these machines are good for larger homes with more carpet. Especially carpet with plush pile. Runtime lasts longer and a good choice for people who still like the mobility of a stickvac but needs that little bit more weight in the head to help bury the brush deeper with no motor stress.  

Heavy Duty 240V Upright Commercial Vacuums

Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Available in 30cm 38cm and 45cm width are the practical choice for wide areas. The choice of professional carpet cleaners when it comes to getting the job done. Single motor machines which cans sense floor height and auto adjust, or dual motor machines with a motor designated for suction and one for driving the beater brush.