Upright Vacuum Style Floor Scrubbers

You can find the best upright vacuum floor scrubbers that won't hurt your hard surface floors right here in our collection. We've got the most convenient designs for your office stairways, lobbies, aisles, and floors to provide a wide cleaning coverage right at the tip of your hands.

You can go right under your desks and furniture, and other places where dirt might not be visible for a thorough clean job. You can trust that our products have the best features and specifications that will suit your everyday cleanliness need.

Getting dust and dirt everywhere is not only untidy, but it brings risks to people's health as well. Although you are able to get rid of grime and filth on the visible surface, those that linger underneath tiny spaces can still trigger eye and nose irritation, or worse, asthma to those who suffer from it. The best hard floor cleaner machines are those that are able to eliminate unwanted dust, dirt, hair, filth, and grime even in tight corners, carpets, rugs, and high ceilings for good.

Lucky for you, we have the best machine to clean tile floors and grout in the shape of our upright vacuum floor scrubbers. This is one among the many types of vacuum cleaners existing right now. This model is specifically intended for a cleaning job that your house or office needs. The upright vacuum is the most popular type among households because of its strong suction power. This product has a dust bag inside that can be used for a really long time, if given the proper care.

Karcher BR 30/4 C Electric Scrubber Drier

Compact scrubber drier for small areas with wander hose. Kärcher’s new BR 30/4 C Electric scrubber drier eliminates the hassle and safety risks associated with floor mopping in public areas.

Nilfisk SC100 Compact Upright Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk SC100 Compact Upright scrubber dryer for easy, fast, productive and deep cleaning of narrow areas. Unlike manual cleaning using mop and bucket, this scrubber dryer will get the job done faster providing an excellent cleaning performance. 

240V or Battery

Lindhaus Eco Force Compact Floor Scrubber Dryer

Lindhaus LW30 is a 30cm wide scrubber dryer, perfectly suited for those rough tiles that are impossible to mop. The LW38 is 38cm wide which allows to cover the area 30% faster. A compact unit that is easy to store, advanced, innovative, multifunction floor scrubber drier.  It runs smooth and easy on its 4 rubber wheels.Available in battery or electric models

F25 Floor Wash Scrubber Dryer with Edge Cleaning

F25 Floor Wash Scrubber Dryer is a fast, solid and efficient scrubber dryer that allows you to reach corners and sidewalks easily, keeping it clean. Maintenance and cleaning of the unit is simple as the unit is easy to disassemble and put back together.