Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

At Cleaners Supermarket® we offer a wide variety of vacuum cleaners. Selections that have been 15 years in the making. We have the Good Better Best approach. Lets us do the hard work for you. With wet and dry vacuuming, we often swap out accessories that suit your needs.

Cannister Vacuum Cleaners

This is the first ever style of vacuum made. A unit you would leave on the floor with the hose coming out. The ranges available today are vast and can be complicated understanding what is best for your use. A motel vacuum would be used only for dry areas, small and quiet. Where larger machines can have up to three motors for more suction and bigger tanks for suction of bulky goods. Vacuums can also be used for multipurpose,  such as dry areas, then converts to utilise in wet areas for removing slushy chemical mixture of dirt and water that needs recovery. Understanding the difference between HEPA filter and standard filtration.