Floor Sanders

Polivibe Oscillating Floor Sander

Polivibe Oscillating Floor Sander is powered by the latest oscillating technology and design innovations, packed with features to help you get the job done faster. All-Australian designed and built.

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Polivac SV25 SuperVac Slow Speed Vacuum Sander

Polivac SV25 SuperVac Slow Speed Vacuum Sander is All Australian and designed built, equipped with a powerful 400 watt long life motor fitted into a vacuum canister and by-pass dust separator for superior dust extraction. Fitted with extra weights to increase downward pressure for improved sanding.

Polivac SV30 SuperVac High Speed Vacuum Sander

Polivac SV30 SuperVac High Speed Vacuum Sander is Australian-made, powerful and versatile floor sanding machine offers effective cleaning and solutions for your floor type.  Fitted with extra weights to increase downward pressure for improved sanding results and efficiency.

Polivac Sandivac Rotary Sanders

Polivac Sandivac Rotary Sanders has 40cm specialised, heavy-duty rotary vacuum sanders. Australian-designed and built. 3 machines in one - vacuum sander, scrubber, stripper.

Instalok Flexi Disc for Sandivac

Foam Pad Holder.  Suitable for polishing or sanding machines with a rotation speed of between 190 to 350 rpm.  Economical foam rubber helps dampen vibration. Gripper Face and the foam flexes with the contours of the floor giving added movement to the pad.

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Glomesh Sandscreen Driver Floor Pads for Wood Floor

Sandscreen Driver: All new white sandscreen driver - sandscreens stick to it like glue. It eliminates screen sling, extends sandscreen life. Far more effective than a floor pad - and more economical.

Glomesh Sandscreen Pads 400mm

Glomesh Sandscreen Pads are especially made for wood floor preparation prior to polishing. Silicon carbide coated screen discs, each fibre fully coated. Available in Grit 60.


Denib Pads Wine for Sandivac

Denib Pads, a wine thinline pad, 8mm thick, denibs wood floors between coats. Results in far better gloss.

Canterbury Floor Polisher 40cm 16” Four 150mm Disc Driven Revolver

Canterbury Floor Polisher features centrally mounted motor for optimum balance and performance. The most commonly used floor polisher within the floor polishing industry today.

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