The Largest walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

Cleaning vast floors will be just like taking a walk in the park with our largest walk behind scrubber dryer at your service. It has got all the features that you need to cover spacious areas even for longer hours with minimal operator exhaustion and environmental effect. These models are suitable to clean medium to large floors efficiently, like in industrial, logistics, and retail needs.

These high-performance walk-behind scrubbers ensure a spotless squeaky clean floor after scrubbing and drying. Their technical innovations and easy-to-handle features aim for a simpler, easier, and more convenient workload. Besides, scrubbing floors clean shouldn't be that much of a hard work when you have top graded floor cleaning machines like ours. Its economical design is also ideal for schools, healthcare facilities, retails, and more.

When people think of something in the superlative, they think of it as difficult and hard to man. With that in mind, although our walk-behind floor scrubbers may come in the largest size, it has got a range that is pretty much easy to handle. You may think of it as something with a hard exterior but with controls that can be operated without any difficulty. In other words, don't be fooled by its size and appearance because it's actually just a simple floor cleaning machine with the most efficient and impressive performance.

No matter what floors you got or how dirty it is, our largest walk behind scrubber dryers can take on the challenge anytime; guaranteed that your floors will be scrubbed and dried to perfection, leaving you a hygienic and spotless place.


Comac Omnia 32 Floor Scrubber

Comac Omnia 32 is suitable for the maintenance and in-depth cleaning of large areas where the utmost discretion is required during cleaning operations (for surfaces up to 2,500 sqm).