The Largest walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

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Saber Cutter walk-behind scrubbers are built to make the operator more productive. These scrubbers give the operator and the maintenance person performance and convenience features they need to get the job done faster.


 The Saber Cutter comes standard with Windsor’s unique Aqua-Mizer™ system. By using cleaning solution more efficiently, the Aqua-Mizer extends the time between tank refills by up to 50%. The Aqua-Mizer is part of an advanced scrubbing and pickup system that make the Saber Cutter scrubbers the best value on the market for cleaning efficiency and safety.


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Suitable for the maintenance and in-depth cleaning of large areas where the utmost discretion is required during cleaning operations (for surfaces up to 2,500 sqm).

The Omnia 32 scrubbing machines are available with disc brushes covering 83cm work-track.

The Omnia 32 scrubbing machines has automatic traction.


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Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 is a large walk-behind scrubber dryer with interchangeable brush decks and AccuTrack. The SCRUBTEC 866 scrubber/dryers from Nilfisk-ALTO represents a significant step forward in cleaning equipment efficiency.

Each of the models in the range feature the latest technologies developed through our years of experience.

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 Pedestrian Scrubber is truly the state-of-the-art in scrubber/dryer efficiency. Gimbals-mounted brushes provide adjustable pressure to ensure effective cleaning, even on heavily soiled surfaces; the parabolic AccuTrackTM squeegee leaves the floor dry and ready for re-use; the brush decks are interchangeable; the one-touch controls reduce operator error and improve cleaning results; the ergonomics are such that operator fatigue are minimized -the list goes on!


For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service