Small Floor Scrubber Dryers

Our small scrubber dryers are most convenient for areas that only requires smaller scale cleaning. Although the product is different in size, it works as efficient and effective as the larger ones. The only difference is that it covers smaller areas because of the purpose of its design. When used to scrub and dry places with large spaces, it might take double the time, but still the same high polish quality finish.

This model type floor scrubber is ideal for thorough cleaning and maintenance of small areas. It is efficient and economical when it comes to water and detergent usage, thus more suitable for families occupying smaller residence and start-up companies with a low-rise building. Although it is small in size, you can still maximize its potential and increase your productivity because it is more accessible, more mobile, and generally easier to operate compared to the bigger ones.

We have battery operated scrubber dryer and an electric operated scrubber dryer to suit your preference. Whichever you choose, you are still going to make the best decision because these two consistently produce perfect cleaning results while reducing negative impacts to the environment. You will be able to clean small areas quickly and enjoy your sparkling floors until your next scheduled cleaning.

With this small floor scrubber, cleaning won't feel like a chore because you can man this machine with an easy effort due to its size. You can make use of this scrubber dryer wherever and whenever it is necessary. From hard to reach areas in small factories and warehouses to cleaning tile floors at home or at a small shop, these floor scrubbers will prove themselves to get the job done in the best way possible.