Floor and Carpet Cleaning Machines - Vacuum Cleaners, Polishers

We have one of the biggest ranges of cleaning machines on the web! We are distributors for Electrolux, Karcher, Gerni, Nilfisk, Pacvac, Hako, Polivac and many more.

We have machines for carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, concrete cleaning, polishing, sanding, burnishing, pressure cleaning, scrubbing, steam cleaning, vacuuming, extracting and much much more!

Cleaning machines are more than just a piece of equipment, they're an investment!

Whether you're buying a vacuum cleaner for your home, or a giant ride on scrubber for your factory, we realize how important it is you get the right machine for the job, for the right price. You're buying a cleaning machine to save you labor, time and money.

That's why at Cleaners Supermarket, we don't consider ourselves salesmen. We're consultants in helping you find the right solutions to your cleaning needs. We simply would not let you put your hard earned cash into a machine that is not suitable to your cleaning application. We want to spend time discussing your situation and the nature of the areas that need cleaning before recommending a product.

Some things to consider before purchasing a cleaning machine -
1. What type of surface are you cleaning?
2. How large is the area you're cleaning?
3. Are you having any specific problems? ie. Tire marks, food stains.
4. How often are you cleaning the area?
5. Do you need a machine for regular maintenance of one area, or are you going job to job? Do you need to put it in a car or a truck?
6. Do you need a machine that is easily portable from location to location? Do you have stairs?
7. What kind of storage do you have available for your machine?
8. Who will be using the machine? Will you be using it or do you have staff who will be handling maintenance?

There are just a few of the main things we need to know before we can point you in the right direction. Once we have identified which machine is right for you, we will then sharpen our pencils and give you the best possible price. We also offer finance!

We offer machine demos and training for applicable situations and ongoing service so you're not left out on a limb. We can also supply any consumables you might need for your new machine, so you can rest easy knowing you never have to be without a bag, a pad, or a squeegee!