Automatic and Electric Wall Mounted Hand Dryers

It takes more than just washing to keep your hands clean. You need to have hand dryers that will keep bacteria from transferring from your hands to the paper towels.

Besides, hand dryers have been found to demand lesser maintenance compared to paper towels, which must be replaced every now and then. The mounting number of paper waste is also a concern that is why it is wiser to go for

 automatic hand dryers to keep your palms clean and dry. That being said, we have the best collection of all your hand dryer needs. We've electric hand dryers, manual hand dryers, wall mounted hand dryers, and air blade to cater all our customers' varying preferences.

We have a broad collection of hand dryers from trusted brands like David Washroom, Puregiene, and JD MacDonald, among others. We offer compact and multi-purpose unit hand dryers that are great for a spa facility. We also stock wall mounted hair dryers that are ideal for an executive washroom and low volume areas. Our auto and manual hand blowers are extremely durable and stylish that they fit any facilities, be it for commercial bathrooms or domestic use.

With our wide range of hand dryers from budget and standard to premium and high speed, you can definitely choose one that suits your planned cost and standards. Besides, whichever hand dryer you deem worthy of your establishment, we guarantee that our product will keep your restrooms cleaner and free of paper towel litter. Not only does it take lesser energy to dry your hands with hand dryers, but they also help the environment by keeping trees from getting cut any further.

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Compact , multi-purpose unit - hand and hair dryer.  Great choice for a spa facility. Real Flexibility in an attractive package.

Outer case is manufactured of ABS plastic. It has an auto switch for hand and hair function. Heavy duty coiled cord with flexible cord holder. Powerful, long lasting motor.


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Wall Mounted Hair Dryers and Hand Dryer (facing down), compact manufactured ABS plastic casing. Ideal for executive washroom and low volume areas.

To install (moth models) secure to wall with mounting screws (included) at holes provided. It has a built-in shaver socket (BR220-110 only).

BR220-110:  Instant on/off with micro-safe button on handle. Two heat setting on dryer. Quiet and long life motor.
BR220-115:  Instant on/off with micro-safe button on handle.