Spirit H.D.C Heavy Duty Cleaner

Spirit Sealers and Cleaners
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Spirit HDC is a concentrated heavy duty alkaline cleaner designed for the tough cleaning jobs. Used to remove heavy build on tiles & grout. For use on all types of tiles & stone, except sensitive polished stone.

•Breaks down dirt & grease 
•Very effective on soap scum build up 
•Can remove oil stains from stone & tiles 
•Not for used on sensitive polished stone
•Highly dilutable
•Rejuvenates tired looking floors
•Strips our Glossy Seal
Available in the following sizes: 1L, 4L & 20L Plastic bottle

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Phosphoric Acid Cleaner is a concentrated heavy duty acid cleaner developed to remove cement, mortar & grout residue for newly tiled surfaces. It dissolves rust, efflorescence & hard water deposits. It is much safer to use than Hydrochloric Acid.

•Safe and easy to use 
•Non D.G
•Removes rust stains and hard water deposits
•No harmful fumes 
•Safe and easy to use 
•Not for use on natural stone unless authorised
•Can be used on glazed ceramics when diluted 
•Removes grout smear without effecting the grout joints

Available in the following sizes: 1L, 4L, 15L and 25L Plastic bottle
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Efflorescence Off is a specialty product that combines a strong blend of acids & detergents for removing efflorescence, salts & mineral marking. This commercial grade acid cleaner is very effective at removing rust, grout & hard water deposits.

• Extra heavy duty acidic cleaner
• Contains a combination of acids (does NOT contain Hydrochloric acid)
• Highly concentrated, dilutable up to 20 to 1
• Breaks down built up efflorescence & other mineral based materials
• Unifies the look of uneven areas

Available in 1L, 4L, and 15L
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Spirit Bright As is a concentrated sanitizing chlorinated detergent that removes organic staining & marking. Primarily used to treat outside areas from leaf marks & tannin stains. Safe to use on most Natural stone, tiles & pavers.

• Sanitizes & cleans
• Highly concentrated for maximum effect
• Excellent for removing tannin marks, oils & built up soil
• Does NOT contain Acids
• Suitable for surfaces sealed or unsealed
• Very Effective on soap scum, grease & general soiling
• Highly dilutable
• Biodegradable

Available sizes: 1L, 4L, 20L
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Spirit Safe Stripper is a user friendly safe water soluble stripper used to remove Spirit coating sealers. Designed to remove acrylic coatings on all natural stone & man made tiles. For best results use Spirit HDC.

• Strips all of Spirit’s floor coatings
• Safe to use
• Excellent for removing paint & glues easily
• Does NOT contain Acids
• Nonflammable/ No fumes
• Most effective when used in conjunction with Spirit H.D.C
Available sizes: 1L, 4L, 15L
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Agar Magic is a versatile, concentrated neutral detergent for cleaning a variety of hard surfaces including floors, walls, utensils, paintwork, cars, terrazzo and more.

Agar Magic Neutral All Purpose Detergent removes food, grease and protein matter, cooking fats, smoke films, smears on glass, road dirt on cars and trucks. It can also clean dishes, glass, utensils, paintwork, car duco, terrazzo, marble, stainless steel, walls and all surfaces requiring a non-alkaline detergent.

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Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent is a convenient floor cleaner and sealer replenisher in one product. It will remove all types of routine soilage from vinyl, marble, terrazzo and timber, leaving a fresh micro-film of high-quality buffable sealer. Only for low-speed buffing.

Agar Autobrite will create a beautiful, glossy film of floor polish when used regularly.

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Agar Shinywash is a biodegradable, pine-scented floor cleaner and restorer which simultaneously cleans and polishes the floor’s surface. It removes all types of routine floor soilage from vinyl, timber, linoleum and stone floors.

Designed for damp-mopping and autoscrubbing and will leave the floor clean and ready for buffing to a very high finish. It is ideal for slow to medium speed buffing but is not intended for ultra-high speed buffing (greater than 1200rpm).

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3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L is a no-rinse, low-foaming formula won’t harm washable hard floors or leave soapy residue that can dull or soften floor finish.

3M Neutral Cleaner Concentrate 9.5L features:
- Use with mop or automatic scrubber
- Fresh scent.
- ilution rate: 1:391.
- For use with Scotchgard ™ Hard Floor Protection Products