Cut Resistant Gloves

Suitable for metal fabrication, glass handling, handling sharp objects, automotive assembly. Cut resistant gloves provide protection against processes where there is a cutting or laceration risk to workers’ hands

Maxisafe G-Force Ultra C5 Cut Resistant Gloves

Protect your hands from sharp objects or glass while working with Maxisafe G-Force Ultra C5 Cut Resistant Reinforced Synthetic Glove. It features 360 degrees breathability to keep your hands cool at work. Over 33% lighter than a standard cut 5 nitrile glove.

Maxisafe G-Force Ultra C3 Cut Resistant Gloves

Maxisafe G-Force Ultra C3 Cut Resistant Glove provides protection against sharp objects such as glass. It features ultra-thin gauge exclusive lining technology delivering the thinnest and finest cut 3 nitrile glove on the market. Perfect dexterity, flexibility and fit.

Proval TNG5 Level 5 Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Proval TNG5 Cut Resistant Work Gloves is a Level 5 cut resistant glove constructed from Tekora® fibre with a micro GRIPMASTER® nitrile palm. GRIPMASTER® nitrile palm is designed to provide enhanced ventilation for moisture and sweat evaporation, combined with a soft, flexible and secure grip in wet, oily or dry conditions.

Stealth Razor 5 Cut 5 Resistant Gloves

Cut Level 5 seamless 13 Gauge Dyneema Shell cut resistant gloves. Grey PU Breathable Palm Coat Breathable, lint & silicone free very high cut levels.

Pack 10

Pro Val KG5 Cut Resistant Liner Glove

The KG5 is a level 5 cut resistant liner glove, specifically manufactured for the food industry. It offers maximum cut resistant protection, superior abrasion and tear resistance.