Packets of Cut Pieces

Chux Heavy Duty Super Wipes 60cm x 60cm Pk 100

Chux Heavy Duty Super Wipes Cut are high absorbent cloths for all cleaning situations from food preparation, workshops, healthcare to general cleaning. It can soak up all liquids including coffee, grease fats, oil and ink.

Oates Industrial Wipes 30x40cm 10 Pack

Industrial wipes from Oates are highly absorbent and reusable. These 30 x 40 cm wipes are perfect for wet or dry use that can be used with or without chemicals. Available colours are blue, green, red, white and yellow.
150 Cloths

Tork Light Cleaning Cloths 25 cloths 6 Packs 150 Cloths

Tork Light Cleaning Cloths are strong, low linting and absorbent wipes designed for general cleaning. Colour coded - specific colours for specific tasks, helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.HACCP endorsed - safe for use in food contact areas.

Sabco Prowipes - Heavy Duty Wipes 90 Sheet Perforated Roll

Sabco Prowipes Heavy Duty Roll Wipes , industry standard color coding options to prevent cross contamination. Highly Absorbent professional wipes for commercial cleaning.

Sabco Prowipes Medium Duty General Purpose Cleaning Wipes

High Absorbency Wipes - No chemical binder, enhances absorption rate and capacity. Durable, Reusable & Economical - A longer life will provide you with genuine savings.

Oates Antibacterial Multi-purpose Wipes - 10 Pack

Antibacterial properties help inhibit the growth of germs and odours in wipes. These multi-purpose wipes from Oates effectively trap and remove dust, dirt and fine particles with or without chemical solutions.

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Oates Duraclean Wipes 60 x 60cm 20Pack

Heavy duty industrial strength and reusable duraclean wipes from Oates. Highly absorbent and quick drying. Ready to use wipes. Colour coded series available to help avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Wypall Heavy Duty Wipers

WYPALL* Colour Coded Heavy Duty Wipers are suitable for a range of cleaning tasks.
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Merriwipe Heavy Duty Wipes 20pk

Merriwipe range of cloths are the ideal everyday cleaning cloth. Their thick, dense structure give them the ability to stand up to heavy duty work in cleaning and industrial situations.
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Easy Wipes 10pk

Picks up fluid and grime particles, easy to rinse clean. Super absorbent. Mixed colours per pack. Dimension of each wipe is 300mm x 600mm. Choose 10 packs if you would like to purchase a full carton.
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Sabco Heavy Duty All Purpose Cloth 40 x 38cm Pack of 20

High Absorbency Wipes - No chemical binder, enhances absorption rate and capacity. Durable, Reusable & Economical.  

TIDDOX Cloth Green Medium Duty 45 x 60cm Pk of 20

This highly absorbent, non-woven wipe is widely used in food preparation, food service and bar areas, as well as healthcare. Can be used wet or dry.


TIDDOX ANTIBAC Green Medium Duty 45x60cm Pk of 20

Medium duty spunlace wipe formulated with an antibacterial solution which is safe to use on all hard surface areas and perfectly safe around food preparation areas. Effective against a wide range of bacteria. Can be used wet or dry. Available colours are green, blue, and red.

TIDDOX Omniwipes Low Lint White Multi-Purpose Wipe Pk of 50

This general purpose heavy duty wipe is an extremely soft and highly absorbent, low lint cloth suited to a wide range of applications across all industries and suitable for most purposes.

Pack of 20

TIDDOX Premium 600 Heavy Duty Surface Wipes 60 x 60cm

Tiddox Premium 600 heavy duty surface wipes designed to be thicker, larger and more absorbent than traditional comparable products.

TIDDOX Wipes Green Heavy Duty 30 x 60cm Pk of 25

Designed to be thicker and more absorbent than traditional comparable products.


TIDDOX Antibac Wipe Heavy Duty Pk of 20

50% thicker than the Classic wipe, this heavy duty cloth is designed for applications where superior strength and absorbency are required. 

All Purpose Cloth 60 x 45cm - Pack of 20

20 sheets per pack. 45 x 60cm pre-cut sheets.

Bastion Regular Duty Wipes Pack of 20 Sheets 30 x 60 cm

Bastion high quality & strength spunlace non woven regular duty wipes. HACCP certified. 70% viscose & 30% polyester composition for superior absorbency.