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Extended Use Wipes


Our WYPALL* X range of extended use wiping cloths are tough and long-lasting, and are able to handle more demanding wiping and cleaning jobs.

  • They are durable, and maintain their strength wet or dry
  • Every wiper is of identical size and quality, and hygienically clean
  • Practical dispensing systems are available, allowing easy access to the wiper and creating an efficient workplace

In today’s workplace there is an increasing demand for operations to be more efficient, while at the same time minimising worker risk. WYPALL* X wiping cloths are purpose-designed for the task at hand, while helping to enhance Occupational Health & Safety performance.

WYPALL* X wiping cloths can provide a hygienic wiping solution designed to help maintain a safe and clean work environment. Their disposable nature helps in 2 ways:

  • Limits bacteria growth and helps to prevent cross-contamination in sensitive environments such as food processing/preparation and healthcare.
  • They are able to absorb liquid or grease spills quickly, helping to prevent slips and falls.

WYPALL* X60, X70 and X80 wiping cloths are fast absorbing and strong thanks to the unique HYDROKNIT* material. HYDROKNIT* material is comprised of soft absorbent paper fibres and extra strong polypropylene non-woven fabric. The paper component allows these wiping cloths to absorb water quickly and effectively, while the tear-resistant polypropylene fabric soaks up more than it’s own weight in oil and grease. The result is a durable and highly absorbent wiper – extra strong and bulky enough to handle the toughest wiping tasks.