Textile Feel Napkins

Tork Premium Napkins Textile Feel combine a modern selection of colours and designs with a textile structure that is strong, absorbent and soft. They are the perfect choice for high class establishments and caterers to radiate image and style.
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Impress your guests with Tork Premium LinStyle® Dinner Napkins. It Looks and feels like real textile, each napkin is noticeably softer and bulkier than standard paper napkins, while being extra absorbent. Ideal for full-service restaurants.

- each napkin is conveniently pre-folded, which saves you valuable time
- Non-woven napkin - Durability and comfort, the LinStyle® napkin will last throughout the dinner
- Tork Easy Handling™ – for easier carrying, opening, and disposing of packaging
- Engage with guests through custom print - 75% of napkin users notice the print

Give your customers the elegant experience of a linen napkin in a wide range of modern and classic colours that can easily match your motiff. Available in black, biscuit, cocoa, grey and white colours.