Delivery Fees and Charges

Cleaners Supermarket® Understands that courier fees can impact on your purchasing. We strive to reduce these charges as much as possible. Notable we don't use fancy printed cartons, as much as we would like too, we believe in reusing and re purposing boxes. No Frills = Good for Planet Earth.

  1. Delivery Charges are added to your order after it is submitted to us. We process once all goods are packed,. 
  2. Payments on this website are not in realtime. Your Credit card is not automatically deducted.
  3. At the checkout facility you will have two options. One of them must be selected to submit an order.

Option 1. You agree that freight will be added by our warehouse

Option 2. We contact you with freight charge before processing.  NOTE : This may add a delay to processing. We will email you the charges, then you must email back saying "I agree "or you can telephone us to agree. Please check your Junk or spam folder as it will be an order form attachment.

Due to the variety of items known in the courier industry as " Ugly Freight " ( we can all thank Amazon for that ) the freight will be charged once all togeher. items over 1.05M that dont firt on Amazon style conveyor belts, we be manually handled.

We can go on, but after 20 years of retailign these supplies, we know when to call a customer who we feel really needs to be advised about freight. Such as a person in adelaide ordeing 2 large cartons of toilet paper. This type of situation. 90% of the time our customers agree and we ensure they get the best deal. We are on some of the best rates in the industry due to the volume we move. You are always welcome to call on 1800552255 to quickly get a ball park.


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