Household and Water Saving Products

Shower Radio FM Auto Scan Suction

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Steam-proof Water Resistant. Suction Mounted. Auto FM scan. Battery included.

Water Saving Bucket 11 Litre Folding

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Packs flat for easy storage. It rises as it fills, holds 11 litres. Simple to carry. Simple to empty. Comfortable soft handles.

Ideal for saving pre-flow cold shower water. Ideal as an ice bucket, as the ice melts the bucket traps the water by rising. A great idea for camping and entertaining.

Shower Timer 4 Minute Suction

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No drills, no screws, no mess. Save water, time & money with this 4-minute shower timer.  It is perfect for inside or outside your shower screen.

Steam Proof. Simple to install. The suction cups securely fix to all non-porous surfaces.

Before installing you need to wipe away all dust, dirt, grease, etc, on the surface and let it dry completely.

Shower Timer Digital Alarm/LED Light

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Flashing Light. Suction Mounted. Easy to use water resistant shower timer with Led Light. It has an alarm feature. Easy to install with no drill, no mess and no fuss!

Professional Cooking Torch

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Lightweight and sturdy with adjustable flame control cooking torch. It has an auto ignition feature and stainless steel burner tube.


Torch temp. 1350°C

Note: Not recommended to run the torch for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Kit includes:
• Blow Torch Head
• Gas Cylinder

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4 Hour burn time with adjustable flame control. Refillable and easy to light gas candle.
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Growing plants such as herbs or flowers indoors with this grow pod makes it easy and simple . It is self watering, removable and is easy to mount on walls or windows. It can hold up to 3kg.