Polyethylene Gloves

Often used in childcare for baby nappy changing or in the food industry for making take away sandwiches. These are made from polyethylene mostly and are a quick on and off for high use and cost effectiveness which is demanded by these environments.

Blue Only

MasterGuard TPE Gloves Box 200

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) gloves are more environmentally friendly and has lower cost compared to Vinyl.
24 packs of 100

Polyethylene Gloves Carton 2,400

Ideal for high volume use. It is suitable for sandwich making, deli work. Favourite amongst child care establishments. Economical 24 PACKETS OF 100

Carton of 2000

Bastion PROSTRETCH Gloves Powder Free Clear

Bastion Prostretch Gloves, lightweight, powder free, latex free, non-sterile, lactose free, ambidextrous.

Bastion PROFLEX Gloves Powder Free Progenics - Micro Textured - Dispenser System

Bastion Proflex examination gloves, lactose free, non-sterile, with a unique blend of Nitrile and Vinyl. Latex free and DOP & DEHP free. It  has superior fit and strength, softer, more flexible and greater sensitivity than Nitrile or Vinyl.

Pro Val Polyethylene Embossed Disposable Gloves - Clear - Box of 500

Poly gloves are economical alternative to vinyl gloves for the food industry. These are made from polyethylene (PE) it is comfortable, lightweight and provides good dexterity for the wearer.

Shoulder Length LDPE Disposable Veterinary Gloves

Protect yourself in your veterinary practice from pet examination, treatment and first aid with our shoulder length veterinary disposable gloves.