Scour Pads with Handle

Bathroom & Pool Scrubber

Ideal non scratch scourer for baths, tiles, sinks, tubs, swimming pools and counter tops. Thick and tough long lasting scourer. Ergonomic handle makes it easy to use.

SABCO Tuff Scrubs

Sabco Tuff Scrubs with built in scraper to remove stubborn dirt. Comfortable hand grip to protect hands and fingernails.

Vileda Bath Magic Bathroom Cleaning System

Vileda Bath Magic cleaning system is designed specifically for the bathroom. The extendable handle and unique swivel head allows you to get into those hard to reach corners without the need to bend and stretch.

Vileda Dish Active System

Special PurActive coating removes dirt without scratching non-stick cookware and other delicate surfaces. Easy cleaning without scratching. Use to clean sink without getting hands wet. Safe to use on Teflon surfaces. Easy refill handle. Easy to change refill.

VI5500- VI5550