Durable Commercial Lobby Brooms

Keeping the lobby presentable is such an easy job with our great collection of top quality lobby brooms. These brooms can sweep away even the dirtiest floors of your restaurant, hotel, or factory. We've got all you need right here in our inventory.

Our products are primarily designed to get rid of dirt and dust that may accumulate overtime under your furniture and tight space areas. They get to drive filth and grime out of your hard floors and carpeted floors.
Our lobby brooms are only made from durable materials that could stand the test of time. They have long sturdy handles that you can use to easily sweep off dirt and dust particles with just a few quick motions. Picking up food particles on the floor or sawdust in a warehouse has never been this easy with our brooms.

We offer a lot of commercial lobby brooms each with a grip design that steadily pulls and removes even the finest particles of dust from the vicinity. The broom handle provides maximum comfort in order to fully catch dirt that has stuck on the floor for quite a time. This reduces the tiresome process of exerting too much effort to get the job done.

With the bristles on the brush heads, you won't need to keep on sweeping the same spot over and over again due to some stubborn dirt that keeps coming back. That is not the case with our brooms. We guarantee you a dirt and dust-free floor when you use our lobby brooms. Keeping your business free of dust and grime is our business.

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Medium stiff bristles trap particles and litter, works with the Edco lobby pan.
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Lightweight lobby dust pan brooms cut fatigue, easy one-handed use.

Angled bristles make it easy to sweep into the pan. Flexible fibres make sweeping effective on carpet or hard floors. Replaceable lobby broom to suit Coloured Lobby Dust Pans - red, blue, green, yellow and black. 

Lobby Broom Plastic Hard

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Replaceable lobby broom to suit SA76089 & Coloured Lobby Pans.

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Its extra stiff angled bristles collect large particles and get into hard to reach places.

Soft Fill Lobby Broom

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Soft Fill Lobby Broom has Swivel head for ease of use. Plastic stock. Dimensions: H 923 x W 287 x D 53mm.

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It has industrial strength aluminium handle. Its stiff angled bristles ideal for collecting large particles. It is designed to clip onto the handle of Oates Commercial Lobby Pan (B-11114).

Replacement Broom for LDPUI and MLDP

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Lightweight, quality heavy duty brush with aluminium handle.
Replacement broom for Lobby Dust Pan with Broom-Black (NALDPUI) and Metal Upright Lobby Dust Pan (NAMLDP).

Lobby Broom With Metal Cap Yellow Bristle 46 in Handle

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Lobby broom with wooden handle. It has metal top for added durability. Chemical and liquid resistant bristles; sustains temperatures to 225°F.

“X” shaped polypropylene bristles allow for superior sweeping on carpeting and entry mats
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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby Broom with Polypropylene Fill is well suited for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas. It is great for use in malls , restaurants and lobbies.

Tough polypropylene with flagged bristles trap fine particles. Unlike other brooms, it will not stain, discolour or absorb odours. This Executive Lobby broom can be used both wet or dry. It has a vinyl black handle.
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Rubbermaid Executive Lobby Broom with Synthetic Fill is suited well for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas.
It is perfect for use in malls , restaurants and lobbies. It will not stain, discolour or absorb odours. It has stiff synthetic bristles that assist in sweeping hard to move dirt and debris. It has an optional hanger bracket (2535) allows for easy pan and broom transport and storage. Bracket and brooms sold separately.