Commercial Use Sets

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Oates Platinum Lobby Pan Set with stiff angled bristles to trap dirt. Industrial strength lobby pan and broom.
- So lightweight, hence it's easy to use.- HACCP Certified- Anodised aluminum lobby pan and broom handle protect from corrosion- Different colours help avoid cross contamination
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Upright Lobby Dust Pan With Broom has industrial strength. It has quality brush with aluminium handle. It has deep pan with large cleaning jobs.

Available in 5 colours: black, blue, green, red, and yellow.

Professional Lobby Pan Set

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Sturdy and durable lobby set for commercial use. Made from polypropylene for extra long life. Quality brush with thick aluminum handle that won’t rust.

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Oates Lobby Pan Set with Swivel Head Broom for ease of use. Medium stiff bristles trap dirt. Deep pan for large cleaning jobs. 22mm powder coated steel handle.


Oates Outdoor Lobby Pan Set

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Oates Outdoor Lobby Pan Set has industrial strength, ideal for outdoor use. It has stiff bristles effectively collect large particles.
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Large capacity lobby dust pan available means less unload trips. Reinforced yoke on bottom of handle stops breaking handles.

Exaggerated lip angle for cleaner pick-up. Independent replaceable broom clip. Ergonomic L-Handle reduces the strain of carrying. Available in blue, green, yellow, black and red colours.

General Purpose Lobby Pans

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Out of all the lobby pans on the market, these are up there in the top choice range.

The brush clip is integrated into the pistol style grip on this lobby pan. Large pan capacity.

300mm wide x 170mm high x 820mm high handle. Available range of colours for your convenience.

Deluxe Lobby Pan with Hanger and Pistol Grip

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This lobby large dust pan is the one pictured on the right side with hanger hole in handle.
It is industrial grade for continued used in harsh environments. The hanger part has an integrated clip for the handle, but also comes with another clip down the handle to ensure the optional lobby broom is stowed away securely and in the even of the op clip breaking, the middle clip should suffice until its time for replacement. Deluxe means that the item has superior qualities such as , plastic, handle, etc
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Industrial strength lobby pan and broom both with Aluminium handles. Anodised aluminium lobby pan and broom handle provides corrosion protection.
Updated ergonomic handle reduces strain of carrying. It is lightweight and easy to use. It has stiff angled bristles collect large particles and get into hard-to-reach areas for a thorough sweep. Available in black colour.

Lobby Dust Pan Set

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Lobby Dust pan set consists of dust pan, broom and clip. Available in 5 different colours.

The brooms are lightweight, made with angled bristles which make it easy to use one hand when sweeping into the pan. It has flexible fibres make sweeping effective on carpet or hard floors.

The dust pan has a large capacity which means less unload trips.