Small Easy to Store Sets

SYR Ergonomic Lobby Dustpan with Handle

Provide a convenient collection and disposal of debris and dust with SYR Ergonomic Lobby Dustpan with Handle.
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Edco Contractor Lobby Pan Set

Contractor Lobby Dust Pan Set is ideal for all janitorial work indoors and outdoors

Sabco Long Handled Dust Pan Set

Sabco Long handled dustpan & brush set is a similar style to the lobby pan set for effective ergonomic cleaning. This is an Aussie's favorite dustpan set as it is easy and does not need you to bend.

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Professional Ergonomic Upright Broom

Angled fill for a quicker sweep in tight corners. Fill made from 80% recycled plastic. Upright style provides a more ergonomic way to sweep. Handle length 1.4m.
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Rubbermai 9M01 Lobby Pro® Wet | Dry Cleaning Wand Black

Quick, safe and easy cleanup of wet or dry spills. Squeegee Cleaning Wand moves liquids into Spill Pan with a soft natural double moss blade.
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Rubbermaid 9M00 Lobby Pro® Wet | Dry Spill Pan Black

Quick, safe and easy cleanup of wet or dry spills. Uniquely shaped Spill Pan keeps liquids from spilling back out and has a 70.4 oz (2 L) capacity.
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