Wall Dusters

Wall Duster Blue Fringe Only

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Made from all cotton cut fringe yarn, these dusting heads hold a lot of dust.

Patented backing fabric attaches securely to the holder.

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1.2 Metre extension handle allows you to get up high dusting or down low. Ideal for narrow and hard to reach places.
Flexible wand allows you to bend to suit your application and to get into tight spots. Doubled sided with blue Microfibre and orange electrostatic fibres. Best of both world. washable, however do not use fabric softener or put in electric dryer. 

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Value 2 pack, easy to change.

Extra Large Cobweb Brush

Head only
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Extra large cobweb brush with nylon bristles and heavy duty wire frame. Suits telescopic handles which makes it easier to knockdown cobweb in high ceilings, hard to reach areas.