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We climbed our way to the top only to bring you the best quality extension ladders and safety steps with the best possible deals. If you're a homeowner who's really into DIY projects, you definitely need a ladder that you can safely step on, a ladder that will not only help you reach far but will also help you reach your dreams of becoming the best at what you do.

At Cleaners Supermarket, we offer a wide range of trusted ladders like step ladders, platform steps, aluminum ladder, collapsible ladder, folding step ladder, and the likes of a telescopic ladder, fiberglass extension ladder, and industrial ladder.

With all those types of ladders mentioned, for sure we've got all, if not, most of your needs. Your preference is what matters most, after all. If you need ladders that are lightweight, durable, and affordable, you don't need to look elsewhere because our products can provide the consistency that you need so that you can concentrate on doing your job, without worrying about falling. Safety is our priority when it comes to everything. We want you to be confident in stepping on our ladders while fully trusting that the quality is something that you can really trust.

We pride ourselves on providing products that meet your safety standards. Our extension ladders will surely help you in completing and finishing your home or business projects without delay. With our ladders' durability and efficiency, you won't ever find yourself stuck in a particular situation because you can climb up and down with comfort and ease.

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How to Choose Your Ladder?

Aluminium or Fibreglass?
As a general rule, fibreglass ladders are recommended and in most cases mandatory when working in an electrical environment. A fibreglass ladder provides isolation between the user and earth, reducing (but not eliminating) the risk of electrocution. Aluminium ladders provide electrical isolation for users, therefore not recommended for use in electrical environments. Aluminium ladders are lighter than firbreglass, and are perfect for use in all non-electrical environments.

Step Ladder:

Choose a Ladder 0.6m shorter than the height you wish to reach (See examples):

 Height to Reach Ladder Height
 1.8m 1.2m ladder
 2.4m 1.8m ladder
 3.0m  2.4 ladder

Extension Ladder:

Choose a Ladder 1m longer than the height you wish to reach:

 Height to Reach Ladder Height
 2.4m 3.4m ladder
 3.7m 4.7m Ladder
 6m 7m ladder

Gorilla 2-Step Household Ladder

Make it easier and more comfortable to reach with Gorilla 2-Step Household Ladder. Built for stability and convenience.

Step Stool with Storage Compartment

Step Stool with Storage Compartment from Edco has a robust moulding and design with carry handle. Ideal for medical areas, commercial kitchens, office ares and the like.

Rubbermaid Mobile Two-Step Stepstool Black

Heavy-duty stepstool glides easily on retractable rubber castors. Supports loads up to 350 lbs (158.8 kg). It has soft, slip resistant pads on both steps.   Wheels retract when stepped on. Heavy-duty plastic construction will not damage walls or furniture. Available in black and beige.

Single Sided Step Ladder A-Frame 120Kg Domestic

Gorilla Aluminium Single sided ladder A-frame is lightweight and manoeuvrable.


Gorilla Aluminium Step Ladder Single Sided A-Frame 120kg Industrial

The Gorilla Single Sided A-frame Step Ladder includes a 120kg industrial load rating.

Gorilla Aluminium Step Ladder Single Sided A-frame 150kg Industrial

Aluminium Step Ladder single sided, A-frame featuring light in weight, cross-braced spreader, aluminium top-cap and patented resin bracing system. It can take up to 150kg loads. Ideal for industrial use.

Gorilla Fibreglass Single Sided Step Ladder 120kg Industrial

Gorilla Fibreglass Single Sided Step Ladder with 120kg capacity for industrial use features cross-braced spreader, non-slip  treads, resin top-cap, tool organiser and stabiliser ready.


Gorilla Fibreglass Single Sided A-frame Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Fibreglass Single Sided A-frame Ladder features cross-braced spreader, aluminium top-cap with tool organiser and patented resin bracing system for  increased torsional strength and decreased lower stile damage.


Gorilla Aluminium Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 120Kg Industrial

The Gorilla Double Sided Step Ladder comes with a 120kg industrial load rating. Features Internal spreader, non-slip treads and aluminium top-cap.

Aluminium Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150kg Industrial

Aluminium Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder which can hold up to 150kg,  highly stable, industrial grade step ladders that is ideal for use by the home DIY enthusiast or industry professional.


Fibreglass Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 120Kg Industrial

Fibreglass Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder is lightweight, features internal spreader, non-slip treads, and aluminium top-cap. It can load up to 120kg, for industrial purposes.


Gorilla Fibreglass Industrial Double Sided A-frame Step Ladder 150kg

Gorilla's fibreglass double sided a-frame ladder range is weight rated at an industrial 150kg load and features a cross brace spreader, Aluminium top-cap, internal spreader.

Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder 120kg Domestic 1.8 to 3m

Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose Ladder features cross-braced spreader, lightweight, non-slip rubber treads and stabiliser ready. This lightweight ladder can conveniently be transformed from double sided A-frame to straight ladder in seconds.


Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose -Double Sided Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Aluminium Dual Purpose -Double Sided Ladder converts from double sided A-frame to straight ladder in seconds. Splayed back leg for added stability.

Gorilla Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder 120kg Industrial

Gorilla Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder features cross-braced spreader, non-slip treads, stabiliser ready and aluminium top-cap. 


Gorilla Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Fibreglass Dual Purpose Ladder Cross-braced spreader, aluminium top-cap, stabiliser ready and patented resin bracing system.

Aluminium Extension Ladder 100kg Domestic

The Gorilla Aluminium Domestic Extension Ladder has a 100kg load rating. It offers durability and functionality with a light weight design, roll-locked rungs and non-slip feet.


Aluminium Extension Ladder 150kg Industrial

Aluminium extension ladder from Gorilla provides strength and durability, ready for use in domestic or commercial environments.


Gorilla Fibreglass Extension Ladder 130Kg Industrial

Gorilla's 130kg Fibreglass Extension Ladder is industrially rated with roll-lock d-rungs, single rope pull & release with stabiliser ready.

Gorilla Single Builders Ladders 140kg Industrial

Gorilla Aluminium Single Builders Ladders are 140kg industrial load certified and hook easily onto scaffolds with optional hooks.

Hooks for Straight Ladders

Hooks for Straight Ladders

Gorilla Aluminium Adjustable Platform Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla's aluminium adjustable platform ladder that can do the job of three separate platform ladders.


Gorilla Aluminium Platform Ladders 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Aluminium Platform Ladders are 150kg industrial rated, heavy duty, non-slip aluminium checker-plat work platform, a patented, resin bracing system to increase torsional strength and decrease lower stile damage.


Gorilla Fibreglass Platform Ladder 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Fibreglass Platform Ladders can hold up to 150kg and are electrically safe to suit the serious industrial user.

Wheel Kit and Mounting Bar to Suit FPL008-I

Pack of 4 castors plus mounting bars and mounting bars to suit the Gorilla FPL008-I platform ladder.

Gorilla Aluminium Compact Platform Ladder 120kg Industrial

Aluminium Compact Platform Ladder features compact size, 900mm Hand Rail Meets OH&S Requirements, Non-slip Treads and Platform Surface, Wheels Included, Accessory Holder.

Gorilla Aluminium Heavy Duty Stair Ladder - 3 Step 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Aluminium Heavy Duty Stair Ladders with 3 stairs has strong aluminium non-slip steps with slim compact folding design for easy storage and transport. This is 150kg industrially rated.

Gorilla Aluminium Outrigger

Gorilla Aluminium Outrigger for additional stability, you need to attach outrigger to the top of an extension ladder.

Pack of 2

Gorilla Aluminium Stabiliser Pack of 2

When installed correctly the Gorilla stabilisers significantly increase lateral stability on most ladders.

Gorilla Bumpers

Gorilla Bumpers fits to top of extension ladders to minimise scratching gutters/walls and adds protection and grip.

Gorilla Harness - Roofers Kit

This Roofers Kit includes a full body harness, adjustable energy absorbing lanyard, anchor strap, and 15m x 13mm kernmantle rope line with rope grab.

Gorilla Quick Release Ladder Tie Down Straps – Pack of 2

Gorilla Quick Release Ladder Tie-Down Straps are 150kg rated lashings with spring lock buckles which helps minimize time in securing or removing your ladder from roof racks.

Gorilla Metal Rubberised Plastic Pole Mount

Gorilla Metal Rubberised Plastic Pole Mount fits Gorilla fibreglass extension ladders.


Gorilla Aluminium Order Picking Ladder 200kg Industrial

Supplied flat packed – ready to assemble order picker ladder. Additional accessories are available, including a work tray, safety boom and safety barrier.

Gorilla Mighty 15 Aluminium Multi-purpose Ladder 120kg Industrial

Gorilla Mighty 15 Aliminium Multi-purpose ladder that can have 4 configurations - a-frame, extension, uneven, A-frame (stairway) Trestle. Factory fitted with wheels.

Heavy Duty Mighty Plank 260kg Industrial

The aluminium extension plank is strong but closes up to an easily transportable size. It extends from 2.4-3.9m and has a 260kg industrial rating.

Gorilla Aluminium Extendable Work Platform 150kg

Gorilla Adjustable Work Platform is rated to 150kg.  It features an extendable platform area which allows you to extend both in height from 0.5m-0.9m and in length from 1.6-2.1m. The positive locks adds stability and safety.

Gorilla Aluminium Heavy Duty Work Platform 450mm 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Heavy Duty Aluminium Work Platform with 150 kg industrial load rating, features a large platform area, positive locks, multiple heights and carry handle.

Gorilla Safety Step 150kg Industrial

Gorilla Safety Step 150kg industrial rated, with high grip tape and non-slip rubber feet which makes it a perfect step stool solution for small jobs around your home or office.


Gorilla Aluminium Ladder Leveller Kit

Gorilla Ladder Leveller allows for safe use on uneven surfaces especially in industrial work sites. It is suitable for use with single builders, extension or mighty multi-purpose ladders.


Gorilla Expanda Scaff Scaffold 225kg

Gorilla Expanda Scaff Scaffold is specially designed to incorporate strength, durability and most importantly flexibility.  The Expanda Scaff incorporates a unique design that allows you to expand up and out by adding additional free standing core packs, making it incredibly versatile to 9 configurations by purchasing optional accessories.

Gorilla Extension Ladder Bubble Level

Gorilla Extension Ladder Bubble Level helps you to level the ladder for improved safety and stability. It shows when the extension ladder is at the correct 75° angle in use. Shows when the ladder is level and the rungs are horizontal.

Gorilla Ladder Hanger

Gorilla Ladder Hanger is a sturdy, steel and lightweight accessory that neatly stores step ladders and multi-purpose ladders. It holds up to 15 kg.

Gorilla Paint Tin Hook Pack of 2

Gorilla Paint Tin Hook is used for extension ladders with "D" shaped rungs and holds paint tins up to 4L capacity. The Gorilla Paint Tin Hook is the perfect accessory for painting with an extension ladder.

Gorilla Temporary Ladder Rack

Gorilla Temporary Ladder Roof Rack has a soft base to protect paint of your cars, utes and vans. It can load up to 25kg. It is useful for carrying a variety of items.

Gorilal Adjustable Aluminium Work Platform with Connecting Brackets

Gorilla Adjustable Height Work Platform (0.6-.9m) features positive locks, connecting brackets (join 2 or more units together), and a large work platform (390 x 1150mm). It has non-slip rubber feet  for added safety when working at heights.


ALWAYS inspect your ladder for damage prior to use. Do NOT use any ladder which is damaged.
ALWAYS be aware of your environment before setting up - check for hazards such as power cables, moving vehicles, and doors.
ALWAYS wear appropriate, fully enclosed footwear.
ALWAYS face the ladder when going up and down.
ALWAYS read ALL instructions present on ladder before use.
NEVER leave your ladder unattended - children may go up and fall.

Step Ladders:
ALWAYS use in the fully open position with spreader mechanisms engaged.
 NEVER stand on the top step.
ALWAYS keep body centered within the stiles of the ladder.
ALWAYS ensure ladder is positioned with all feet in contact with the ground and the surface is level and firm.

Extension Ladders:
ALWAYS extend top of ladder >1m beyond the top support joint
ALWAYS lean your ladder at an angle of 1:4 - for each 4m of your ladder is extended, it should be 1m out from the top support point.
ALWAYS ensure that the ladder feet and top support point are secure and cannot slip.

ALWAYS read and follow usage instructions.

Fibreglass Care:
Over time and with use, fibreglass may deteriorate to a point where fibres come loose. This issue can be addressed by applying a coating of polyurethane or acrylic lacquer over loose fibres.